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9 Weird and Wacky Jobs

Written by Sophie Down | October 29, 2014 | 1 Comment
In light of the weird and wonderful Halloween period, Webrecruit looks at some of the oddest jobs that people have today – these certainly differ from the norm of 9-5 in an office.

Professional Sleeper


Several hotels hire a test-sleeper to try out the beds within the rooms of the hotel, testing comfort and ability to doze off. Sounds pretty easy but hotels require in depth reviews, with a need for different buyer persona perspectives.

Watching Paint Dry


Those who watch paint dry for different companies such as Dulux, are there to assess the drying time of the paint. Stop watches can be used to time how quick the paint dries, so customers can be informed when the company supplies it to different industries.

Human Scarecrow

Human Scarecrow

One graduate has been employed to be a human scarecrow, scaring away birds so as not to destroy the crop. Wearing a high-vis jacket and using a cow bell, this is a full time position.

Golf Ball Diver

Golf Ball Diver

Believe it or not, the golf ball recovery business is one that’s growing. Golf ball divers are hired to recover all balls that have gone into the water from the course. Some employees in Florida however have a tougher job, sharing the waters with large alligators.

Train Stuffers


Train stuffers (although not the official job title) in Japan are hired to do just that – stuff people into trains in the rush hours. With millions of commuters every day across various stations, these pushers are used to squeeze as many people on to the carriages as possible.

Odour Judger


Unfortunately someone has got to check that deodorants are effective before they are sold in to the marketplace, hence we have professional odour judgers who sniff armpits as part of their job.

Professional Thief


Some stores hire ‘thieves’ to check that their security system is working properly. These Individuals will then attempt to steal something from the shop, to ensure all security devices and systems are in check.

Ear Cleaner

Ear Cleaner

On the streets of India you may come across Ear Cleaners, that’s right – they will sit at clean the wax out of your ears. Using different instruments and oils, these individuals promise to make your ears squeaky clean.



The London Dungeons, one of London’s scariest attractions, hold auditions to find people for their zombie roles. Applicants are judged on their ability to scare customers, before picking their candidate to join around 50 other zombies earning a very attractive 30k a year.
Although we might not be recruiting for Zombies at the minute, take a look at Webrecruit’s job list to see if we are advertising for your next career opportunity.

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