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Want to climb the career ladder?

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 7, 2010 | 0 Comments


There are a multitude of guides offering advice on getting a promotion. But with so much choice, where do you begin?

The first stage of your plan should be to identify your key drivers – why are you seeking a promotion? Do you want to increase your earning potential or take on additional responsibility? Once you’ve identified what you’re looking for, follow our promotion advice to ensure success.

Fresh Thinking

Turning up early, working through your lunch break or staying late in the office are just some examples of a hard worker. What they’re not however, is a platform for a promotion. Employers are motivated by results; focusing on delivering more for less. And it’s these cost reduction initiatives you need to use to your advantage.

Raise your Profile

Get involved in tasks outside your remit to increase your presence. Remember though – your raised profile is only plausible if you’re consistent. So, if you volunteer for new projects or help a team member – maintain this activity to show you’re interested in further your career.

Let your Boss Know

Arrange a meeting with your boss and explain what it is you wish to achieve. Use this meeting as a platform to identify the skills you need to improve on, what you excel at, and find out if your employer thinks you have the potential to move forwards. This feedback will be invaluable, and how you react to it will be measured.

Find a Mentor

Find a mentor, someone currently operating at the level you wish to rise to and get their input. They will be able to provide first-hand advice that may open up new opportunities.


The right attitude is essential. You’ll find those who rise up the ranks within the company have a particular mind-set: one that’s closely associated to the company’s values.

Going for the Promotion

When you’re finally in your meeting, treat it as if it was your very first interview with the company. The dynamics will be the same – an employer looking out for how you can add value. Evaluate your impact, suggest new ways of working and highlight your achievements.

Remember, employers look at bottom line, quantifiable results. And those who get results will earn the rewards.

If you need further advice on getting that promotion, we offer a range of resources for candidates looking for their next step up.

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