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I want a job in… Marketing – the webrecruit blog

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 1, 2010 | 0 Comments

iStock_000010768170XSmall-marketing2Marketing is a complex discipline, and within it are a number of areas you can specialise in, from traditional offline marketing and direct mail, to emerging areas such as digital, guerrilla and social media marketing.

There are hundreds of marketing jobs available, from entry-level roles to senior positions. But where do you start? And how can you stand out from the competition?

Here, we share some tips and ideas on how to find the right job for you using the internet.

Online activity

To find marketing jobs aligned to your skill set, ensure your activity includes looking at online resources, reading the trade press and talking to companies directly.

In terms of online activity, we recommend looking at a number of job boards, from multi-sector sites such as Jobsite and Total Jobs to marketing-specific boards, including:


In tandem to your online job search, ensure to create an online presence using social media channels.

There are many channels available, but in particular, we suggest using LinkedIn. This powerful tool allows you to create an online profile that’s structured like a CV and provides tools to join marketing-specific networking groups. You can even contact companies directly to see if they have any marketing jobs at present.

Keep your skills up-to-date

Because marketing is such a competitive field, it’s crucial to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date to make you stand out from the crowd. One way to achieve this is to visit trade sites, such as,, and You could also look into studying for a professional marketing qualification, for example a CIM accreditation.

Create a winning CV

Only when you’ve seen the ideal job should you craft your CV. By completing it before, you’ll run the risk of sending a generic application – one that doesn’t grab the attention of a potential employer.

Ensure it includes a covering letter that communicates your desire to move into, or progress your marketing career. For help on how to write a winning CV webrecruit offers a number of CV writing services:

To see what marketing jobs we’re currently recruiting for, click here.


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