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Finding that lucrative sales job

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 16, 2013 | 3 Comments
Handshake in the officeSales jobs have admittedly had a bit of an image problem in the past, with many talented people failing to realise just how lucrative and fulfilling working in this sector can be. If you are a candidate looking for such a role with the help of recruitment agencies like Webrecruit (, you could be looking forward to a starting salary as high as £24,000 excluding commission, with the opportunities for progression coming thick and fast. But how can you find a job in this fast-moving, exciting and rewarding field?
First, you’ll need to consider the exact area of sales in which you wish to work. Even the likes of recruitment consultancy and medical sales are strictly sales jobs, but differ very significantly, while sales skills are also a common need in retail recruitment. You should therefore thoroughly research what a particular sales job entails on a day to day basis, including the proportion of time spent on field visits and on the phone. There are two basic categories of sales jobs, B2C (where the business sells to the consumer) and B2B (business to business sales), most of those for graduates being in B2B. Consider your desired pay structure too, as commission rates can greatly vary between companies.
There are various places where sales employers advertise opportunities as part of their efforts to recruit staff, including newspapers, the relevant trade press and online. A wide range of job titles can be used in recruitment advertising, so look out for terms like ‘business to business sales’, ‘commercial negotiation’, ‘consumer goods sales’, ‘media sales’ and ‘business relationship management’. There is a fairly standard application process for sales jobs involving the usual online or paper application and/or covering letter and CV, with interviews allowing recruiters to test your communication and interpersonal skills.
You don’t necessarily require direct sales experience to obtain a sales job, with retail experience and charity collecting potentially useful in showing your experience of talking to customers. Employers will examine your presentation and manner of communication, and will ask for examples of you successfully persuading someone to do something. Many graduates are also attracted to sales, with most roles not demanding a particular degree subject, given the importance of relevant skills over specific qualifications.
The interview for a sales job can take many forms – perhaps involving an assessment or role play exercise to further gauge your ability – but whatever form it takes, enthusiasm makes a big difference. Maintain good eye contact, smile, ‘sell’ yourself well and ask good questions at the end of the interview, and you should be well on the way to securing that highly desirable sales role. Contact the recruitment experts at Webrecruit ( today for more help with finding your dream sales job.

3 thoughts on “Finding that lucrative sales job

  1. AndrewRutherford on Reply

    I was searching over search engines about media sales jobs and found your blog site. Well I like your high quality posting abilities. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

  2. Peter Nicolson on Reply

    Nice Article. Something important to know & very useful. Change the mind of people who don’t prefer to go for sales as their carrier. Useful steps. Thanks for this knowledge.

  3. Sean Durrant on Reply

    Not all Sales Jobs are the same.

    Some of the Sales roles I deal with in the Rail sector call for a more Technical Sales approach.

    These positions require you to use Engineering skills to suggest the right product or to define an Engineering process to overcome a particular problem.

    The companies I work with to find these people are often looking for good engineering skills coupled with people skills.

    Sean Durrant

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