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The gift your boss will really love this Christmas

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
Christmas-Santa-Working-300x199With just 5 days to go until Christmas, most people are starting to get into the festive spirit and are looking forward to winding down to enjoy a well earned break.
Unfortunately though, for many bosses (and staff), it is a stressful working period right up until the final hour.
Whether you’re a temporary member of seasonal staff hoping to turn your role into a permanent opportunity or a permanent employee, the Christmas period can be a great time to really shine and get your name firmly on the nice list.
During the busy Christmas period, although working well with your team is highly important, it is also worthwhile to try to put yourself in your boss’ shoes and consider the pressures they face at this time of year.
With this in mind, here are Webrecruit’s 5 top tips for giving your boss a gift they will love this Christmas:

1. Be jolly

As the Christmas season fast approaches, try your hardest to not get overwhelmed by the inevitable pre and post Christmas rush. The last thing your boss wants is a Scrooge in the office. Keep your mood jolly and encourage your colleges to keep positive too. If things start to get grim, why not crack your best cracker jokes – they are bound to lighten the mood.

2. Carry the load

Where ever possible, offer to go above and beyond to help your boss out with their work load over the Christmas period. Check in with them during the week to see if there’s anything pressing that you can take off their hands.

3. Be a little helper

If you know your boss takes a lot of work home with them and works around the clock, consider the little helpful things you could do. Popping out on your lunch? Check if you can pick anything up for them- you’d be surprised how easy it is for many people to forget wrapping paper until 2 days before Christmas.

4. Play the host

Leading the way with festive spirit will help keep your team happy and also take the pressure from your boss. In the run up to Christmas, suggest some festive activities and don’t shy away from helping to make them happen. Supplying great ideas is one thing but being the one to offer to carry them out will earn you lots of appreciation from your boss.

5. Think ahead

Forward thinking over the busy period is important to being ready to take on the New Year. By pre-planning some action points for the start of 2014, you can help your team by having all the necessary elements in place to get projects moving as the year begins. Even small things such as writing up the stationery wish list or making some notes of key dates for the year ahead will all help.
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