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Helping you find and secure the graduate job you want

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Graduate career advice

Graduating soon? Wondering where to go next?

Leaving university with a good degree is a prerequisite for graduate employment, but in these competitive climates, this alone is not enough to secure your first graduate job. With some innovative thinking and a willingness to go the extra mile, the right opportunity might not be as far away as you think.

Where to start

You need to identify what skills and abilities you have to offer. You’ll also need to consider what you want from a job in terms of activity, financial reward and the sorts of people you want to work with.

Do plenty of mock interviews; your university career service can help you with this. Think about your competencies and practice how you will talk about them. This is an excellent way to prepare and enable you to handle interviews more successfully.

Investigate your options

Once you have a better idea about what you have to offer and what you want from a job, you’ll be able to make more sense of the job market. You may even consider studying further to improve your prospects, such as taking a vocational course to train you in a particular sector, or a professional qualification like teaching. Use every avenue you can to maximise your chances of finding the right graduate job for you.

Sources of Vacancies

There are many ways to locate graduate jobs. The internet has become an increasingly important medium, as both a source of vacancies and provider of information.  Check out or

Career fairs are another great way to find graduate appointments, meet potential employers and sell yourself. It also gives you the chance to practice interview skills, build contacts and gather information on companies.

Other routes to graduate jobs include vacancy bulletins issued by your school’s career service, on campus recruitment programmes, recruitment agencies, specialist publications, newspapers, journals and magazines.

Good luck with your search.

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How did you find your first graduate job? Do you have any tips or advice? Share your thoughts below.

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