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Ask James Caan – 5th July 2011 – Issue 54

Written by Kimberley Startup | July 5, 2011 | 0 Comments


This week, James’ column is guest written by Managing Director of The Coaching Academy and co-founder of the EBA, Bev James.

Dear Member,
Before introducing the first of my guest columnists, I’d like to share with you some exciting news.
This week the webrecruit group reached a fantastic milestone with the arrival of our 50,000th member.
And to celebrate this achievement, we’re offering an exclusive deal to group members who are not yet a client of webrecruit – an equally impressive 50% off a single vacancy credit. For more information, please contact us on 01392 829400 or email
Back to the column and I’d like to introduce our first guest columnist, Bev James. Bev is not only co-founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy with myself but is MD of The Coaching Academy – the world’s largest training school for coaches.
She has answered a really interesting question from Slava, Director, Strategy and Consulting at GlaxoSmithKline.
Slava writes:
‘I am very interested in hearing more about DISC personality profiling and NLP especially with regard to two scenarios:
‘Q1: How can they be used when coaching individuals?’
Self awareness is key to anyone achieving goals and DISC is the ultimate self-awareness tool in my opinion. Understanding our personal strengths, challenge areas and potential blind spots is essential for personal growth. DISC also helps us understand how we can adapt our communication style to get the most out of relationships at all levels.
There is a saying: ‘treat people the way you want to be treated’ – the DISC way says “treat people they way they want to be treated.” There are no good or bad DISC styles but the person that is able to flex and adapt their style to build rapport will be a master communicator.
I always introduce my client to DISC profiling on the first coaching session so I can understand their personal motivators and modify my communication style if necessary.
‘Q2: How can they be used (especially NLP) when trying to find the best tactics for working with a particularly difficult business customer?’
It depends on what you mean by difficult. If ‘difficult’ means resistant then the first step is building rapport. Being aware of the other person’s personality style through DISC and adjusting your tone and pace of speech using NLP rapport building techniques will help get things off to a good start.
Where there’s agreement there is power so the client must fully be committed to change, or nothing will happen. Also in this day of tight company budgets what is the best way to skill one selves up in these kinds of tools?
There are many great books on NLP and the NLP for Dummies Workbook is excellent for personal use but professional training is a must if you are going to practice your skills on other people. My book, ‘Do it! or ditch it’ (released on 28th July, Virgin Books), explains DISC and how it can be used in a business and personal environment.
Good luck, Bev

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