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What information technology job might most interest you?

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 18, 2013 | 1 Comment
Job SearchWe are living very much in the ‘information age’ right now, so it should hardly surprise anyone just how lucrative and in-demand information technology jobs can be. But what roles in IT might be of most interest to you, as you seek the attention of those recruiting staff in this field? Webrecruit ( has listed a few that you might not have thought of.

Database administrator

This role involves ensuring a database’s performance, integrity and security, while you might also have planning, developing and troubleshooting responsibilities. Different data administrator (DBA) roles have different levels of responsibility, with some purely covering maintenance, while for others, database development may play a key part.
Expect such responsibilities as establishing users’ needs and monitoring user access and security, performance monitoring, mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database and more.

Geographical information systems officer

Geographical information systems (GIS) staff recruitment is booming, with the UK geographic information business said to be worth as much as £900 million or more. GIS are computerised systems enabling complex geographical information to be collected, stored, analysed, manipulated and presented. They are used across most sectors of government and commerce.
Although the GIS officer’s role is dictated by their company and sector, their main responsibility concerns the production of data and analysis to assist the planning and delivery of services and products.

Network engineers

Organisations turn to network engineers when they require the installation and maintenance of computer communication networks. Recruitment advertising may describe this type of role with such titles as ‘support engineer’, ‘IT support engineer’, ‘network administrator’, ‘helpdesk support’ or ‘network architect’.
The users of communication networks, including staff, clients, suppliers and customers, require the highest level of performance and availability, and your job is to ensure that the network operates suitably smoothly. You may be a member of an organisation’s support team or working externally in the employ of an IT networking consultancy firm catering for various clients.

Technical author

Whether you are known as a technical author or instead a technical writer, information designer or technical communicator, your duty will be to explain technical information in an easily understood way. Firms that recruit staff for this role will need to be convinced at interview of your ability to interpret technology or applications and then design and write appropriate documentation.
Individuals in this role author reference manuals, training guides, users guides for software applications and online help incorporated into software and operating guides. You will make use of various media such as illustrations, graphics, video and PowerPoint, while the range of industries in need of technical authors includes automation, avionics, defence, government, finance, medical and pharmaceutical supplies and more.
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