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Learning the Olympic lesson

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

Business man with gold medalOn the webrecruit ( blog, we’ve already talked here about how the mindset of an Olympic athlete can affect a job search, and it seems we’re not the only ones to draw parallels between the Games and wider aspects of life. London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that the Olympics show us how sustained effort can lead to great achievement; a lesson which both candidates and those looking to recruit staff can learn from.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on the anniversary of the London riots, Mayor Johnson spoke about a “culture of easy gratification and entitlement” in some sections of UK society which revealed itself as “a deep social problem” with the rioting violence seen in August 2011. On a more positive note, he suggested that the Olympics were providing valuable lessons about effort and consequent reward: “I think actually the Olympics with this very, very clear message about effort and achievement and what it takes to connect the two, could not come at a better time for a country that is making a difficult psychological adjustment to a new world without easy credit, where life is, I’m afraid, considerably tougher than it was before the crunch”.

As a leading online recruitment agency, we know that the economic downturn has been felt by both companies and candidates. Some companies are having to deal with the usual demands when it comes to recruiting staff but on a far tighter budget, while others are looking to flexible working and online recruitment of virtual staff to save on recruitment costs. Similarly, some candidates are finding that they have to compete with many more job seekers for a position and find it hard to keep positive during an extended job search.

The good news is that UK employment figures have been boosted in part by the Olympics, as we reported here, and as a recruitment agency with an ever-increasing number of clients posting jobs, we can confirm that the employment market is ticking over very nicely. But Boris Johnson is right that we should all keep in mind the tenacity, determination and focus of the Olympic athlete, and make an Olympian-level effort in our own lives. If we do, we could reap higher rewards than we thought possible, which may not be a gold medal, but could be a fantastic new team around us, or that dream job. The first step for recruiters and candidates is logging on to

2 thoughts on “Learning the Olympic lesson

  1. Thomas Marechal on Reply

    For my part the Olympics was a great teaching on perseverance and also in kindness for other, yes looking for work is real competition, but both companies and job seeker should not be treat like piece of meet .

    On company side : always looking for the perfection and for less pay, that kind of rude when sometimes you spend even your week end working at home for your boss and that something I don’t believe in perfection.

    On job seeker side : want better pay for less work that not something I believe to, on one point we have to make choice, the athlete on the Olympics like Jade Jones have clearly make the choice to become gold medal, so yeah If we take the choice to have the career we deserve, we have to keep on that even if sometimes it’s hard to be on job seeker, it’s to easy to take a dead end job and after to feel regret on what we don’t have.

    on the Olympics, I believe society should take example, competition between companies don’t mean play dirty, companies should have fair play, we all wanted the same a better life.

    I always remember that advice on Martial art : you say you want a better life go get it

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