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6 ways to recession proof your admin role

Written by Kimberley Startup | June 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Safe-guard your position as an administration professionalAn article has recently stated that HSBC has announced that they will be making 1,400 of their UK back office and support personnel redundant.

It would seem that administrative staff are feeling the brunt of the double-dip economy crisis through having large numbers cut across the entire economy. Organisations from many different sectors are making their back-office personnel redundant as they attempt to cut costs.

Support and back-office staff appear to be seen as expendable due to innovations such as digital assistants and alternatives such as foreign outsourcing. This means that in order to remain competitive in the current climate, you need to raise your performance and get yourself noticed.

If you’re an admin professional looking to make yourself recession proof, follow these essential tips to help you stay ahead of the competition:

Look to your strengths:
Think about where your strengths lie and play upon them. Put yourself forward for extra tasks which you know you can excel at in order to make maximum impression upon management.

If there are any jobs or tasks that fall outside of your remit, volunteer to take them on. Making yourself indispensible around the workplace is a sure-fire way to raise your status within the company.

Show initiative:
Stand out by completing tasks without being asked to do them. Taking action while everyone else stands back will promote you and your attitude beyond measure. Point out which systems work and what doesn’t and how to improve them. Fashion yourself as a spokesperson for your colleagues and become part of the decision making process at your company.

Do what you say you will:
If you commit to a project or a piece of work, follow through on your promises and keep to timescales. If you have taken on too much or cannot meet your deadlines, explain yourself and ask for extensions. Honesty will also win you large points with management figures.

Take a positive attitude:
Displaying a positive attitude shows your motivation and helps you to leave your mark on those days when everyone is struggling. A positive attitude will also help people remember you, building you a positive reputation as well as helping you stand out within the company.

Promote your company:
As an admin professional, you are in a unique position to promote your company in a positive light. If you are greeting visitors in a reception-based role, always act positively towards the company. If you are ordering stock or dealing with suppliers, build good rapport so that they enjoy dealing with you and your company.

Getting yourself noticed can be a hard task. But don’t forget administration is the backbone of many companies. Without the hard work and dedication of countless administrative professionals, the other departments would fall apart. Read other webrecruit blogs on how to get the most from your job and your skill set.

Are you an administrative professional? How have you stood out and raised your game whilst at work?

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