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Volunteer (and Help Your Career at the same time)

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Volunteering and career advice

Are you struggling to find work? Wondering how to boost your career? Would you like to contribute something meaningful and help your career whilst doing so?

Then volunteering could be for you.

The benefits of volunteering are plentiful. It can keep your spirits up while you job hunt, you can find new friends, reach out to the community and, even advance your career.

Career Experience

Volunteering offers you the chance to gain experience and try out something new. For example, volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home will give you an idea of healthcare career options. It might also expose you to professional organisations or internships.

Teaches you valuable job skills

Volunteers can gain valuable training and develop their existing skills. Assisting at a homeless shelter could lead to becoming an experienced counsellor. A sales person, on the other hand, could further their communication and marketing skills by raising awareness for their favourite cause.

Finding an opportunity

One of the simplest ways to find a volunteer job is online, such as or You could also approach a specific organisation of interest. If you’re a student, ask around your campus; many schools have volunteer centres set up specifically to help students connect with volunteer opportunities.

Better CV

One of the many ways to update your CV and make it stronger is through volunteering. It embodies your values, shows your commitment and will stand out on when it comes to employability.

What’s more, volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience, leaving you with an enormous sense of satisfaction from giving up your time to help others. So what are you waiting for?
Have you ever volunteered? How did it help your career? Share your experiences below.

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