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What You Need for a Career in HR

Written by Sophie Down | September 29, 2014 | 0 Comments
rsz_career_pathIf you are looking to get into human resources, there will be different aspects to consider in order to set your new career off to a good start. As HR trends have changed quite noticeably within the past decade, this brings with it new vocation opportunities. Webrecruit looks at what’s important when making the move in to this industry.

Impact of HR on a Company

It is important to firstly understand the effects of HR on the business needs and operations of an organisation, in order to identify job responsibilities within the HR departments. Each department will look at benefiting the business as a whole, and by understanding your area of interest through its impact on a firm; you can develop your role effectively.

Different Career Paths

As your HR career path continues to grow, you will have the option to specialise in different areas. These types of functionalities include Recruitment and Staffing, Learning and Development and Relations and Rewards to name a few of the key areas. Speak to senior employees within the department you are interested in, to identify what you need to move in to a particular area. These top level positions in Human Resources can include HR Business Partner or Director.

Where to Start

Routes can include beginning with a HR degree, or you can choose from a variety of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualifications which are recognised the world over. Many employees come from an administration background and move in to HR through entry-level positions such as HR Administrator or Assistant.


Hiring managers will be looking for certain types of skill sets when recruiting for HR positions. In particular, HR employers look for assertiveness and decisive traits when hiring, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills. You must be highly organised, and able to build relationships and influence others to make your HR role as effective as possible.

Your Profile

Tailor your CV to HR roles, and research professional’s career journeys to obtain knowledge on what could be your next step towards a HR position. Network on sites like LinkedIn, by joining groups and discussions to boost your awareness of HR as an occupation, and discover the way HR operates within different businesses. You can try the following helpful sites:
HR Magazine
Personnel Today
HR Zone
The Human Resources industry can offer varied opportunities for career progression, growing continuously as the need to retain, attract and manage employees is ever increasing. As a competitive industry, it’s important to do what you can to acquire the right skills, gain qualifications and relevant experience to build your way up the HR ladder.
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