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CareerCamLive – Round-up

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

CareerCamLive, Careers Show, CareerCake TV, webrecruit, online recruitment, webinar, careers webinar, careers advice, job seekers, candidates, employmentWe are delighted with the amount of engagement we received with this month’s CareerCamLive. For those who missed it, you can watch the recording here. I have also picked a couple of questions and summarised my answers for you.

I’m trying to relocate to the UK from elsewhere in Europe and I’m applying but not getting many interviews. Do you think it is because I am not readily available for interview?

Firstly, I’m delighted to hear you are looking to relocate. What a fantastic thing to do for both your career and personal development. I think you are spot on with your concerns, but I also think that the employer may see you as a risk.

It is a risk because they may consider you and put time and resources into your application, only for you to decide you are not moving here. You are up against candidates who are already here, settled and committed and they are low risk.

I would advise you discuss with them over the phone, or in your cover letter all the reasons you are moving and make this move so much bigger than just your job. The employer needs to feel you have so much more invested in this relocation, than just his/her job vacancy.

Give them dates when you are in the UK – maybe tell them you will be here between Xth of January and Xth of February and will be available for interview (but can be flexible with those dates). Even if you are not planning a trip here, you will need to give the impression that you are available and come and meet as many people as possible if you are selected for interview. Show them you are serious about the move. Good luck!

What should I include in a cover letter to a potential employer?

Any good employer is looking to find someone extra special and as a job seeker you must remember that. In order to make sure it stands out, follow these steps.

Make it personal – Find out the hiring manager’s full name. Use the internet to do your research on Google or LinkedIn. Phone them and ask the receptionist if you must.

Tell them why you picked THEM – Make sure you tell them what it is about their company that excites and inspires you. Check out their news pages, research new projects; find out how the directors started the company. Make them feel special.

Tell them why they should pick YOU – Make it very clear why you are suitable but don’t just tell them you think you are, tell them WHY you are. Pick out the three main attributes that are most important for this role. Keep it short and snappy.

Show you are passionate – This is your opportunity to really tell them how much you want it. ‘I would live and breathe this role given the opportunity’. Doesn’t that sound passionate? Well I think so, but you must use language that is real for you.

Show you are considerate – This is a good opportunity to build rapport and the best way to finish this letter is to leave them with the feeling that they ‘like’ you, so wish them all the best with this piece of recruitment. It’s just good manners and sounds obviously simple but people very rarely do this. On these rare occasions when they do, I always email them to thank them.

The next CareerCamLive will be at 6.30pm on the 8th January. We have already received some of your career related questions so please keep them coming. You can email them to

I want to say thanks for getting involved over the last 5 months and have an amazing Christmas and New Year.

See you soon!


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