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CV clinic: Your questions answered

Written by Kimberley Startup | March 30, 2012 | 2 Comments

In the latest from the CV clinic, Lee Tonge provides his expertise for one reader wanting to maximise their job title. He highlights the importance of selling yourself to an employer.



I think my main concern with my CV is that I have worked just under 4 years in my last role and despite taking on additional duties, my title did not change. This is because I never thought of highlighting it to my line manager and the Company being small, there was no emphasis put on any titles.

Do you think this is a problem?



Hello Julie, and thanks for your question.

I note from your current CV, that although your job title is Accounts Assistant, the achievements you’ve included, and the amount of experience you have (including: improving reporting and project managing corporate finance programmes) would better be suited to a more senior title; maybe even, Accounts Manager.

However, there is a fine line between ‘embellishing’ the truth and outright lying when it comes to job titles on a CV.  With many companies now using background-check services, any discrepancies that are highlighted are going to be fatal to your chances of recruitment.  Although the majority of recruiters would agree that a senior job title would match your level of experience, some may ignore it altogether if a discrepancy is found.

Have you considered asking your manager about the possibility of changing your job title?  The fact you’ve mentioned it is a small company should make it easier.  If a job title change is out of the question, you could consider leaving it off the CV altogether if you feel it’s hampering your chances?

One other change you could make could be to the profile of your CV.  Maybe incorporate a strap line of ‘Accounts Assistant with recent managerial experience’ so that it is instantly highlighted to the reader?

2 thoughts on “CV clinic: Your questions answered

  1. Rena Davis on Reply

    I have taken on several part time jobs purely to get out there and work and earn a few pennies, the other reason is so that once my foot is in the door I can enquire about other job opportunites within the company I am working for, this has not been the case in many jobs that I have had, it appears that all the time the Agencies explain to me that a direct employee takes priority over Agency staff. More to the point how do I summarise all the temporary work that I have had on my CV, now I think that this sometimes puts a lot of companies off employing you as you have had several jobs. I look forward to hearing from you

  2. Lorenz on Reply

    My quibble is slightly different. I go by the title of ‘Bookkeeper’ because this was usually – in the past – a part-time role where the end of the month trial balance was the limit to duties. Now more and more employers ask for full time bookkeepers requiring accountancy skills i.e. analysis of financial data. My point is that in this sector the bookkeeper / small business accountant is now also very blurred.

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