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Does your CV capture ‘Brand You’?

Written by Guest Author | May 6, 2015 | 1 Comment

personal brandBy Matt Craven, Founder of The CV & Interview Advisors

Ever since Bianca Miller came runner up in the Apprentice, people have been talking about personal branding and good on her for bringing some publicity to an important concept, which in reality has been around for many years. Personal branding is all about bringing marketing principles into the way in which professionals approach their career and, in particular, the job market.
Personal branding is something that we have championed since way back in 2006 when we first launched our business, and our CVs, LinkedIn profiles and interview coaching methodologies have always had their foundations in sales and marketing principles as well as the psychology of how people recruit.
The best way to understand the concept of personal branding is to think about a job application as pitching for a contract (in the same way that a sales person does). A £50k candidate that expects to stay in a job for 3 years could think of a job application as a tender for a quarter of a million pound, 3-year contract (when you include salary, bonus, travel allowance, NI, training etc). If this was you, the product or service would be ‘you’; your CV would be your sales brochure that needs to explain how the company will achieve return on investment from your salary; the interview would be the sales call to win the contract; and your LinkedIn profile would be your public-facing website where the buyer (company) would go to do further due diligence on you.
The way companies procure and the way companies recruit are very similar and it is critical that your CV becomes more of a business case that explains why a company should hire you. All businesses have a brand, they stand for something, they have a USP (Unique Selling Point), and they have marketing collateral that communicates this to their audience.
In order to differentiate yourself from other applicants, you need to think in the same way and your CV and LinkedIn profile are key elements of your personal marketing collateral.
Both your CV and LinkedIn profile need an elevator pitch, they need a go-to-market description, they need a value proposition statement, they need to be written in a features and benefits style, they need case studies, and they need to be optimised for key words. These core elements are all straight out of the marketing textbooks but when applied to a CV and LinkedIn profile, you build yourself an extremely powerful set of personal marketing documents that will lift you head and shoulders above your competition, resulting in more interviews and job offers. This is what personal branding is all about and this is the present and future of CVs.
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One thought on “Does your CV capture ‘Brand You’?

  1. BP on Reply

    If you were to concentrate on personal branding over skills in the UK IT market it wouldn’t really work. You need people to see the skills plain and simple.

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