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5 Tips on how to make a good lasting impression

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 5, 2011 | 5 Comments

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Presenting yourself in a positive light is absolutely paramount in any job interview. How you look and behave in those first few minutes could make the instant difference between success and failure. It is cliché, but you do only have one chance to make a first impression. So get your first impression right.

Here are webrecruit’s top 5 tips to help ensure the image that you present at your interview, will be a good one.

Turn up on time: it sounds simple but nothing says ‘unreliable’ like being late for a job interview.

Image: this might sound basic, but it is incredibly important. Your job interview should be treated as a formal affair, and so you should dress for this. It is always better to be a little overdressed. This shows you are taking the interview seriously. Along with your image, make sure you are well groomed and cover tattoos and remove piercings that are non-traditional.

Be prepared: being unprepared gives the impression that you are unorganised.

Research: covering the background of the company you are having the interview with gives the impression that you are not just going from one job interview to another, and that you have an interest in the company and role on offer.

Be respectful: shake hands with everyone you meet, smile and be polite – you never know who is responsible for hiring and firing. Do the same when you are ready to leave and thank them for their time. You could even write a brief thank you note, not many applicants would do this so this is one way to stand out in a crowd.

If you’re looking for further information, we offer a range of resources for candidates.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips on how to make a good lasting impression

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  2. Rose Evans on Reply

    It is often planned in advance that the interviewer will get feedback from the receptionist and other colleagues.Be respectful of everyone you interact with; be pleasant when you arrive in reception. I know of instances where the sign in process is reviewed on film (CCTV) – you can guess that the surely candidates, ones who don’t bother to engage (I agree a smile makes a great first impression) with the receptionist get considered non team players.
    You are on interview the minute you leave your home: nothing worse than the person you had road rage with introduced as your interviewer!
    Be clear on why you want the job. Get your 3 key beliefs in alignment:
    1/ Belief in the company
    2/ Belief in the product or service
    3/ Belief in yourself.
    Part of your preparation should include your questions for them so do thorough research; don’t ask about things in the public domain that you could google. know their competitors name drop some before you ask who do they see as key competitors. If all else fails ask the interviewer what they like about working there.
    Rehearse and practice (minimum of 7 times) your answers to competency based questions with friends and family.
    Be positive, smile and remember it is a two way process you are interviewing them as well.
    I agree stand out and write the thank you note, if its a job you want take the time.
    Keep your spirits up. Enjoy the interview process and good luck.

  3. Shreekanth Murali on Reply

    Say “no” for what you dont know without telling “no” — confused?

    Lets assume that you have been working for a particular technology for quite a long years (2yrs approx). You got a chance to go for better position to gear up your career. We might have worked for the same technology what the employers are looking for but at the same time we need to agree that its very difficult are i can say no one can know everything say 100% about the technology. There might be certain areas that we havent worked for or there wasnt any need to try that. If you get a question about that particular area that you havent worked then the only option is to agree that you dont know about that or you seldom work with that. However it always matter how you communicate it. The right thing will be like this
    ” Thats every could functionality of this technology that i heard however my work environment didnt had a chance or necessity to utilize that. I will be glad to take myself into that part as well so that i can serve you better than you think. And im learning never stops. ”

    The above example obviously tells that you havent worked on it but you can see a positive node – negative node – positive node trend. This will make the employer to feel that you are very positive and will are very much optimistic person who is ready to take new challenges.

    1. Web Recruit on Reply

      Hi Shreekanth,

      Completely agree – if you are asked if you have used a certain technology in an interview, but haven’t, it’s best to show you’re interested and keen to learn new things.

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