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6 tips that’ll help land your next developer interview

Written by Sophie Down | January 15, 2015 | 0 Comments
HTML IT GuyIf you are about to sit a developer interview, chances are you have several things you want to show to the hiring manager. With top tips from our own developer, Webrecruit looks at the essential points of the interview and what you need to consider.

Prepare for Questions

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Think about the questions you may be asked – what are the different types of technology that you’ll be using in the role? It’s also important to know your abbreviations – even if you’re 100% sure what CSS, LAMP, MVC, SQL, API etc are all short for, check up! It’s really embarrassing when someone interviewing you (who is likely to not be a developer) knows what they mean and you don’t.

Organise your Portfolio

If you’re going to demo some of your work, ensure that it’s ready. Don’t assume you’ll be displaying your work on a top of the range PC with the world’s most advanced browser – a large percentage of companies still use Internet Explorer 8. If your portfolio is ready however, this can be a great first impression and a way to showcase your abilities to the employer.

Revise – There May be a Test

developerPrepare for an IT intervention. If there is no one technical involved in the interview process, then a company may opt for a test to make sure that you actually have the skills you claim to possess. There are many examples of these tests online, so it is worth testing yourself before the interview.

Show Your Passion and Projects

Show your passion – what are you interested in? Of course make this relevant to the position where possible, but mention any recent tech that fascinates you. In terms of projects, are there any that you work on in your spare time? Do you have any favourite projects that you have worked on? It is good to be honest about those that have gone wrong, and how come you overcame any issues.

Prove Your Tech Experience

Be honest about your technical experience – you can prepare for any tricky developer problems they may give you, but your level of experience will always be clear. Don’t assume that everyone interviewing you will be someone that you can run technical circles around. If a company has an IT Manager, chances are they’ll be involved during the interview process and will know when you’re winging it. When asked difficult questions, explain your thinking whilst you get to your answers; this illustrates your problem solving abilities.

Highlight your People Skills

it teamAlthough your technical skill set is of course paramount, the personality you portray during the interview is also important. If you are to be working within a team, the interviewer will be looking for the right fit as well as the right experience. So don’t assume that if you get the job you’ll be hidden in a broom cupboard coding away to your heart’s content. As a developer you’ll definitely have regular contact with marketing departments, designers & directors etc so it’s just as important to highlight your people skills.
As with any interview, preparation is key. And with an interview for a development position, this is the case even more so. Finding out who is interviewing you can be a great way to tailor your preparation; whether it’s a technical individual or not, consider all of the possible options. The interview is your chance to prove yourself, your experience and your interest in the role; so start the groundwork as soon as you can.
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