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Dress to impress for your interview

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 13, 2014 | 0 Comments
Candidates-under-magnifying-glass-300x232With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are digging out their glad rags ready for what will hopefully be a loved up date. What to wear for a Valentine’s date is a very important question, as you obviously want to make a good first impression.
But have you ever thought that this is also an essential question you need to ask before a job interview?
When attending an interview, it is vital to make a good first impression and what you wear is a major contributing factor on that all important first impression.
With hundreds of articles around covering the topic of what to wear for an interview, we thought we would highlight some of the key essentials that apply across all industries.
So, without further ado, here are Webrecruit’s top tips for how to dress to impress in your interview:

Dress Professional

First of all, dress professionally, ideally dark, neutral colours; your interviewer does not want to be blinded by a bright yellow dress or tie.
In addition, make sure your clothes are appropriate, for example you don’t want to be wearing clothes of a provocative nature; this isn’t a date after all.

Tone Down the Sparkle

We always advise candidates to avoid wearing too much jewellery or over the top jewellery, as this may distract the interviewer and as a result they may not really listen to what you have to say.

Do Your Housework

Ironing is a chore many of us avoid but when it comes to interviews it is extremely important to remember to iron your outfit; wrinkly clothes are definitely not a good look and will show lack of pride.
Also, make sure you do your ironing the night before your interview. With all the interview preparation it is easy to forget about it, but leaving it to the last minute is running the risk of doing a panicked rush job; and even potentially risking melting your favourite trousers.

Have a Practice Run

Make sure your clothes do you justice. There is nothing worse than wearing an item of clothing which is too small. This may make you feel awkward and it’s definitely not comfy; furthermore it may result in you excessively fidgeting during your interview. Just remember, if it’s not comfortable it’s not right.

The Little Details

As with a date during a job interview the finer details also matter.
Make sure your nails are clean and tidy. You don’t want to look like you have been digging potatoes and girls chipped nail varnish is a big no go.
Finally, make sure your accessories are appropriate. For example, shoes, make sure they match your outfit and most importantly make sure they’re clean, you don’t want to be looking scruffy. Also, for men it’s definitely advisable to wear a dark coloured pair of socks and not ones with cartoons on. For women, make sure your tights are not laddered; carry a spare pair just in case.
To summarise, dressing for an interview is just as important as dressing for your Valentine’s date.  It’s all about attention to detail, feeling comfortable and making a great first impression.
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