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Group Interview Advice – Part 2

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

Group interviews part 2Want to make sure you perform well in a group interview? The most important thing to remember in a group interview is that you have to stand out from the crowd.

In part 1 of our guide to group interviews, I discussed how to approach them and what they involved. Here is my next top tips to helping you ace the interview.


1. Research. Do your homework on the company – don’t just go to their website, read any other articles you can find that discusses them. The more you show how much you know about the company, the more you stand out from the other candidates.

2. Arrive early. By being the first to show up, you’ll have extra time to meet the interviewers who will remember you and keep you in mind throughout the group interview.

3. Prepare. Read the position details and think about how your skills and background fit into the job. Bring copies of your CV and references, even if the manager doesn’t ask to see it, ultimately you’ll stand out from the rest with a portfolio under your arm.

4. Mini introduction. You’ll usually be asked to tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Summarise your education, experience and career goals and how this position will fit into your future plan. Practice with friends beforehand.

5. Be aware of your body language. Sit up straight and remember to smile throughout the group interview. Make eye contact with everyone at some point. Nod your head every so often to demonstrate that you’re a good listener and can absorb information quickly.

6. Act as a facilitator. You want to look like a leader without talking over others or looking too aggressive. Don’t be afraid to speak up first. Show that you’re confident and competent.

7. Don’t interrupt. Whilst it’s important to speak up, being in a group also requires that you give others a chance to talk. This is an important quality that employers will evaluate. If you’ve spoken up first a couple of times already, give others a chance and be sure to listen.

8. Offer praise. Acknowledging others for their good ideas is friendly and a little authoritative at the same time. This shows you’re considerate and a real team player.

9. Ask questions. Like with any other interview, you need to prepare your own questions and show your interest. Avoid questions about pay or benefits. Focus instead of topics such as the company’s growth plans and market news.

10. Say thank you. Just like you’d greet them at the beginning, be sure to say goodbye to the interviewers individually and thank them for their time. Send a follow up letter to show your enthusiasm and interest for the position.


If you follow these tips, it will help ensure a top result at a group interview. It might be a daunting experience, but the interviewers on the other side of the table are people too and all you can do is be yourself.


Do you have any tips for performing well within a group interview? What should you avoid? How have you aced them? Share your experiences with us.

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