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Interview Technique: One of the most common mistakes made by candidates

Written by Guest Author | April 7, 2015 | 0 Comments
Interview at tableBy Matt Craven, Director of The CV & Interview Advisors
What is one of the most common mistakes made in interviews? Not answering the question, or should I say not taking the time to understand the purpose of the question!
So many job seekers treat the interview as a conversation and just because they have talked confidently for several minutes, they think they have done well. This is simply not the case; you only ‘do well’ or ‘score points’ if you prove you have the skills or experience that the question is designed to explore and you don’t score points for simply being able to provide a coherent response.
Successful candidates will take the time to understand the underlying purpose of a question and provide information that demonstrates that they have the skill or competency that the interviewee is looking for.
The key here is to anticipate the questions (or at least the themes), which you can do by reading the job specification and/or talking to the recruiter. Finding out what skills, competencies and experiences the employer is looking for before the interview will allow you to quickly assess what each question is designed to explore. I would then recommend taking a couple of seconds, after being asked the question, before you give your response – this pause is all about giving yourself time to process the meaning of the question before you provide your answer, with the end result of giving a much more considered and focused answer that proves you have the skill or competency that the Hiring Manager is looking for.
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