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Pitching Lessons from the Apprentice – Going Beyond the CV

Written by Sophie Down | January 21, 2015 | 0 Comments
When it comes to your job seeker application, the CV is just the beginning. If you are meeting with a recruiter or the hiring manager, this is the time you need to prove your value and worth. Webrecruit looks at some of the apprentice candidates, and explores what you need to consider before showing the person outside of your resume.
The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsDaniel
Leave any arrogance at the door. You need to be confident in your answers, but being big headed is not an attractive trait to someone you could be working with.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsJames
Make sure you’re talking sense, and there is a valid purpose to what you are saying. Don’t just come out with words and phrases for the sake of it, you are there to make a point.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsKatie
Listen to others. Talking over people, and ignoring the suggestions and questions individuals may be asking will disregard the focus of the interview.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsLindsay
Show your passion, and engage the hiring manager. Giving off a lack of enthusiasm can be identified from a mile off, so ensure you come across motivated and eager.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsSolomon
Be prepared – babbling down the phone to a recruiter or in your interview gives the impression you didn’t do a lot before hand to prepare make the most of the opportunity.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsSarah
Take your interview seriously, and dress appropriately. Make sure you are dressed in the right attire, avoiding casual or inappropriate clothing.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsBianca
Be honest – let your personality shine through. You can be an admirable candidate by admitting when things have gone wrong, and at the end of the day you are only human.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsFelipe
Think outside the box, but stay relevant. Don’t go crazy, remember exactly what the hiring manager is looking for and use this as a direction for your conversation.


The Apprentice 2014 - GenericsPamela
Don’t be negative; in fact don’t complain, whine or moan at all. One of your main aims during your interview and application is to sell yourself, and no one likes a negative colleague.
It only takes the smallest slip up to give out a downbeat vibe during an interview, so remember the above points to ensure this doesn’t happen. The way you portray yourself can be vital to the application process, consequently your pitch must be the best it can be.
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