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Top Tips for preparing for your Skype Interview

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 17, 2013 | 1 Comment
CareerCamLive-logoIn this month’s CareerCamLive, Aimee Bateman covered the topic of how to prepare for a video interview. This relatively new recruitment process has noticeably grown over the last two years, however, for some job hunters some confusion still remains regarding how best to prepare.
Below are the top tips from Aimee’s webinar to help you make a great impression when taking a video interview.


Don’t forget that a video interview is exactly the same concept as a face to face interview. You will be asked the same types of questions therefore make sure you prepare your answers in exactly the same way.

Check your tech

Always have a test run of your technology; you want to ensure the quality of your camera is up to scratch. If it isn’t doing the job well, consider investing in a new one – a good camera can cost as little as £14.95.

Keep connected

Have a practice run and check your internet connection is as good as possible. If you know a friend with great internet speed see if you can hold the interview at their house. Also, if during your interview your connection is lost, don’t panic. When the interview starts, let your interviewer know you will call them back if the connection does fail. In addition, don’t be afraid to tell your interviewer if their connection is having problems.

Consider the lighting

We all use body language to express ourselves, therefore you need to consider how clearly your interviewer will be able to see you. Don’t sit with the window behind you and ensure as much natural light as possible is coming from in front of you.

Do not disturb

Wherever you base yourself for your interview, warn friends/family/housemates of the time and date of it and ensure they don’t plan to visit you or undertake any noisy cleaning routines. Also consider your pets; don’t run the risk of your pet cat stealing the show.

Look around you

Your interviewer will not only see you but also your surroundings and will inevitably judge you on them. Last night’s dinner dishes and your alcohol collection aren’t the ideal decor for setting a good first impression.

Dress appropriately

Although you’re in a comfortable environment don’t team this with dressing in your comfies. Your interviewer will be trying to visualise you in their workplace so ensure that you dress with this in mind.

Look into their eyes

When you’re having a Skype interview it can be really difficult to avoid looking at the small box showing yourself – don’t be tempted to do this as it will be really off putting for the viewer.

Extra smiles

It is even more important during a video interview to smile when your interviewer is talking to you – this again helps to aid the lack of physical rapport and warmth lost from not being in the same room as them.

Post it notes

A plus of a video interview is that you can get away with having notes around you. However, ensure that you still prepare – don’t overkill the notes and risk confusing yourself. Also, don’t rely on them; treat them as a comfort blanket.

Tidy up your profile

Don’t forget to check your profile picture and user name. Set up a professional account with your LinkedIn profile picture and your real name as your username. You should also utilise your bio as a chance to add a simple and professional summary of yourself.

Talk slowly

It is important in any interview to contain your speed of speech but this is even more true in a video interview. Make sure that you let your interviewer finish their question, pause, then answer. Also refrain from jumping into a question and talking over them.

Say Thank You

Although you didn’t meet in person, saying thank you to your interviewer is still just as important. Give it 30 minutes and then send across an email. Try to tailor your thank you message to something that took place in your interview.
If you missed watching Aimee in this month’s CareerCamLive, fear not – you can watch a recording of the show here.

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