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Upcoming job Interview? Follow our interview advice to ensure success

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 1, 2010 | 5 Comments

Interview Advice
Did you know the biggest mistake in the interview process is not being fully prepared?

It’s widely known that interview preparation is a skill, but even the most experienced candidate can overlook the importance of researching a company or practicing their responses.

Getting a good night’s sleep, arriving early and dressing smartly are examples of interview advice, that by now, we should know off by heart. But there are specific and important strategies to enhance one’s chance for interview success. After all, first impressions count – especially in today’s competitive employment market.

Here are some essential interview advice tips we recommend:


Find out everything you can about the company and the position: whether that’s using the web, talking to the HR manager or requesting the company’s brochure. Ask yourself, do you want to work for a company you know nothing about?


Conduct a personal skills assessment. This should involve looking at your current skills, talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. Decide which will be of value to a prospective employer and which you need to improve on.

Re-assess your CV

Re-read your CV to refresh your memory – think about the qualities the employer is looking for and how your past experiences meet their requirements.


Rehearse a mock interview with a family member or friend, but be open to their feedback. Don’t memorise your responses, instead have some starting points you can develop your answers from.

Prepare questions to ask

To really stand out from the competition, prepare your own set of questions to ask the interviewer. Make sure not to ask about something that is readily available in the company’s literature or website.

Above all, stay positive. If you need further interview advice, we offer a range of resources for candidates looking for their new role.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming job Interview? Follow our interview advice to ensure success

    1. Web Recruit on Reply

      Yes, but they don’t always have to be employment related. New graduates or people looking to change industries can also rely on personal character-based references to support their case.

    1. haider on Reply

      the place where you are while attending the phone call, the interviewer is not observing you, if you are not perfect in your response, he might not consider your situational constraints. so being at comfortable place and in comfortable Rhythm is the most important while a telephonic interview

    2. Web Recruit on Reply

      Preparation, where you take the call, and well thought-out answers are top of the list. Mohamed, make sure to look at our blog focusing on phone intereviews.

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