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What the Interviewer is thinking during the Interview

Written by Sophie Down | June 23, 2015 | 1 Comment
Interview at tableDuring an interview, it’s important to be on top of the questions asked to give your best answers. However, there will also be those that you won’t hear, which are the thoughts of the interviewer.
The hiring manager will look at what you say, how you act, and pick out the words that match what they are looking for in a candidate.
So without further ado, Webrecruit looks at what questions the hiring manager may be asking themselves during your interview.

1. Will they fit in with my current team?

They’ll be thinking about the current set up, and whether you both as a person and an employee would fit in well within the team.
This is also to match you with the company culture and ethics. If they don’t see you adapting or working alongside the culture of the organisation, it may not be the right role for you.

2. Do they have the right experience?

An obvious one, but a key question nevertheless. The interviewer has seen your CV, and knows how long you have been working in a particular industry, but wants to hear it from you in your own words.
They want to hear about your previous projects, tasks, duties, to fully understand your experience to see that it matches the vacancy available at their company.

3. Are they nervous?

Nerves aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The fact that you are nervous shows that you want to do well in the interview.
Confidence can also come across well. Be confident in your skills and that you have what they require to do the job. If you sound unconfident, it can be harder to make your point and convince the interviewer.

4. Are they being genuine?

It’s important to be honest during the interview, and show the real you. Of course, you are trying to make an impression but avoid acting completely out of character as this will be noticed if you do eventually get the job.

5. Did they research the company? What do they really know about us?

You’ll be judged on your understanding of the company. And, interviewers will be able to tell pretty quickly as to whether you have done enough research or not.
This is why it’s important to look into the company culture, products/services and current events as much as possible, to answer questions on the company as best as you can.

6. Do they understand the requirements of the job?

It’s important to know the job description – getting familiar with this information allows you to understand the fit between your own skills and the position.
More importantly, you can then show the interviewer that you know the job you are interviewing for and that you have the right skill set.

7. How flexible are they?

Some interviewers may look at whether you seem like the type of person to roll your sleeves up, and get involved in what’s necessary to get the job done.
With many new vacancies there may be a few responsibilities on top the job description that you could take on. Therefore, show you are a flexible worker, and prove this in your answers.
As always, preparation is the key to a successful interview. But, it helps to understand further what it is that the interviewer may be considering beyond those questions asked.
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