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10 Dos and Don’ts for Job Searching Whilst Employed

Written by Sophie Down | March 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
Searching for jobSo you’ve come to the decision that it’s time for a change, and that your current job just isn’t cutting it for whatever reason. But before you start your job search, there are a few things to consider if you are still currently working. The following tips from Webrecruit will help to ensure that your job search is managed correctly, preventing any difficulties that could arise with your current employer.

1. Don’t tell everyone

Or, if you do tell people, be strategic about it. Only tell those who you know will keep it under wraps and won’t go blabbing about it to your colleagues or your boss.

2. Don’t bad mouth your employer

It’s a fairly big hint if you are bad mouthing your current manager or company; people may guess that you are thinking about leaving.

3. Do keep it confidential

If you are talking to recruiters, let them know the situation and that you are still in work. They can consequently be more wary of getting in touch with you, and act confidentially.

4. Do think about your interview scheduling

So you have an interview booked, but you don’t want your boss to know. Try to book it out of office hours, and if you can’t, avoid booking it during a busy time in the working week.

5. Don’t lose focus on your current role

If you are 100% sure about moving on and finding another role, don’t let this affect your current tasks and responsibilities at work. Making little effort will leave a bad last impression if you are to leave.

6. Don’t give out your company email or number

Remember to avoid giving out your work email or work telephone contact. This could cause you having to explain to your manager if your colleagues pick up your phone.

7. Don’t talk about it on social media

If you aren’t happy in your current job, and are looking for work elsewhere, don’t put it on Facebook. It isn’t the best way for your employer to find out you are looking for another role, and certainly isn’t professional.

8. Do think about your wardrobe

It’s going to be noticeable if you up the ante on your dress code; your colleagues may immediately think that something is up.

9. Don’t use your current employer as reference

Double check your CV – don’t put your current employer as a reference unless they kn  ow you are looking for another job.

10. Do be careful about submitting your CV

Many roles are posted anonymously, therefore be wary about where you upload your CV. It could easily be seen by your employer, or someone who knows your boss. Similarly, try to avoid uploading it to a variety of job boards.
It’s essential to proceed with caution and remember that you don’t want to lose the job you have, before you have found another. What is also important is that, if you are moving jobs, you want to leave on good terms. Additionally, if your manager asks about it beforehand, it is better to be honest about the situation.
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