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6 Tips for a Successful Graduate Job Search

Written by Sophie Down | November 26, 2014 | 0 Comments
graduatejobsearchKnowing where to start on your job search can be hard as a graduate fresh out of university, particularly if you are looking for your first full time role. According to the UK Graduate Careers Survey, more than half of students who left their graduate job search until the final year of their studies were unsure what to do after University, and realised they should have started job hunting earlier. Start to research your career options as early as you can, and avoid leaving it until months after you have graduated. The following tips will help you to begin your search, and get the most out of it.

1. Where to Look

Job boards which are popular with employers include Reed, Jobsite, LinkedIn and Monster, which will more than likely be at the top of your search providing you with several job listings across different areas. However, some vacancies will only be advertised on the company websites, so it can be worth searching companies within the industries that interest you, to view their career pages.

2. Plan Your Search

Creating a job hunting plan will aid you in ensuring you are doing as much as you can to achieve a successful search, as well as helping you to discover what your realistic goals and objectives should be. Unsure how to create this plan? See the following article we recently shared on our Facebook page here.

3. Consider the Options

There are several options available for graduates in terms of the type of work you can get. Internships and Graduate Schemes are two popular avenues both during and after university. View the Times top graduate employers here. Some companies will offer work experience, which can be a valid way to hone in on your skills and gain knowledge through working in a business environment.

d0v08284. Use Your Contacts

Make the most of the contacts that are immediately available, for example your university’s career service. Careers fairs and events can also be a great way to meet recruiters and companies looking to take on graduates, additionally this can be a means of signing up to receiving information on jobs that are available.

5. Tailor Your CV

Don’t just apply for anything and everything. Spend time on each application and tailor your CV to the requirements of the role. This will increase your chances of an interview, and will be more effective than sending a generic CV to a large number of employers.

6. Relax

Finally, relax and take breaks between searches. Don’t tire yourself out with hours of searching – this isn’t productive. Don’t put pressure on yourself or expect to have a job by a certain time; if you’re making a concerted effort you will obtain interview opportunities due course and ignore what headlines say about there being ‘no jobs’. As a graduate this can be a time to figure out what you want to do, and should be positive and interesting as you discover the next step in your career.
Here are a few sites to start with, each provide career advice, graduate employers, and different graduate vacancies.
Target Jobs
Monster – Graduates
Reed – Graduate Jobs

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