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6 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Emails Professional

Written by Sophie Down | December 9, 2014 | 0 Comments
email mistake 2Emails are an important part of our job search when in contact with different companies, agencies and recruiters. Although at the time writing that email it may not seem that significant, this communication is vital to get right.

1. Keep the Purpose Clear

If you are looking to apply for a particular role, remember to include the basics of this role within the body and subject of your email. Avoid saying something like “CV attached for the administrator role”; the likelihood is there is more than one admin role if you are speaking to an agency.

2. Spelling and Grammar

Don’t rush the email and end up misspelling half of it, or using bad grammar. This immediately gives a bad impression, so make sure you re-read before sending it.

3. Don’t Write an EssayKeyboard

Keep your emails short, succinct, and to the point. Avoid writing a long email with unnecessary details; not many people will want to spend their time reading it if it isn’t relevant. If you’re sending a CV, attach it; don’t copy and paste it in to the email otherwise the recruiter will have to put it together in a document for you.

4. Be Aware of Tone

What’s said in an email can easily come across the wrong way. Be careful of what you are writing, as a misunderstanding can happen quite quickly due to an unclear tone. Include a courteous greeting and closing, with a note of appreciation if something has been done for you.

5. That Old Email Address

We all have an old email address which we often question why it was created. You can keep it, but for your professional and formal emails it is best to make a new one.

6. Market Yourself

Woman sending emailsYour emails are part of your promotional tools to sell yourself to potential employers. Your job search is to be treated like a business with you as the product; if your emails look messy and rushed, as will you. Add to your email signature with a link to your blog, portfolio or professional profile.
Emails are a short and quick form of communication, but sending the wrong thing can make a difference when job searching. Acknowledge your emails in a timely manner whilst keeping in mind the above tips, to create a professional impression throughout.
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