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Advanced CV Insight – are you just a statistic?

Written by Guest Author | July 22, 2014 | 2 Comments
CV insightsI’m a big fan of statistics as they often hit the nail right on the head without the need for further diatribe. In this blog, I’m going to mention a few hard hitting stats that might just make you think differently about your job hunting.

92% of shortlisting decisions are made solely on the contents of your CV

There’s no telepathy, no osmotic force, no higher being telling the world how great you are – there’s just your CV! If your CV doesn’t tell the reader that you are good at your job then how will they know? If you simply list where you have worked with half a dozen bullet points describing what you did in each role, then how will the reader be able to discern that you are good at your job? To not put too fine a point on it – the entire decision to interview or reject you is made on the contents of your CV.

80% of CVs are either poor or need improvement

As I was writing this blog I emailed a senior manager within one of the UK’s leading recruitment businesses and asked what percentage of CVs were weak, OK but needing improvement or good. The response was that 80% are either weak or need improvement and only 20% are good. Interestingly 95% of the job seeker population thinks their CV is good so that’s a heck of a lot of people (several million) who are living under this illusion. There is a huge disconnect between what job seekers think they should do and what recruiters and hiring managers want them to do so make sure you are selective about whose advice you follow.

85% of hiring managers will check you out on LinkedIn

That’s right, 85% of people who shortlist you will go and have a nosy at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is your window to the outside world and people derive a lot from your professional footprint. LinkedIn gives them extra information that the CV doesn’t so you need to make sure you have spent as much time on LinkedIn as you have your CV.

Six people who apply for every job were better than the person who was hired

We estimate that approximately six people who apply for every job were better than the person who was hired and they didn’t even get an interview. Why? Because their CV was so weak that no one would ever know that they were good at their job never mind the most suitable person for the job they applied for. Now this statistic is more of a guesstimate than the other stats mentioned in the blog but the message here is that many many people get nowhere near an interview never mind a job offer because their CV is simply not hitting the mark.
By Matt Craven, Managing Director of The CV & Interview Advisors

2 thoughts on “Advanced CV Insight – are you just a statistic?

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