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Back to School – 6 Job Searching Tips for Returning to Work

Written by Sophie Down | September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments
rsz_sliders_-_candidaetsIt’s back to school time, and for many parent jobseekers it’s an opportunity to get back into career mode. Webrecruit looks at 6 top tips for re-entering the world of work, to ensure you are prepared and ready to start your job search.

1. Stay Relevant

Remember to include any training or qualifications that you may have completed in your CV, letting the employer know that you are staying up to date in the job market. IT qualifications or short courses can be a great way to add this type of new knowledge and experience to your CV.

2. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a useful way to attract interest from recruiters and hiring managers, acting as one of the leading platforms for candidate searching. Spend time updating your profile, including your experience and career interests to get yourself noticed by employers. Have a look at our blog 11 ways to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

3. Choose your Career

Focus on occupational direction and the industry you are looking to work within when job searching, to create the career path that you really want. Applying for any old job can waste a lot of time, and will stop you achieving results. Use job boards and sites that are sector specific, to follow guidance and advice on developing your career in the right field of interest.

4. Be Realistic

Consider your commitments thoroughly before taking on a new position, always remembering your responsibilities and monetary outgoings. Don’t be hasty in taking on a new role that doesn’t suit your circumstances, just to attain a better salary. Getting back into that full time or part time work mindset can take time, so look into all options before agreeing to working hours.

5. Don’t Stress

The transition into work isn’t always easy so take your time in finding the role that suits you. There isn’t much point in putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to take the next job as soon as it comes along, when finding the right position is more important.

6. Transferrable Skills

Think about the transferrable skills that you have obtained as a parent. Although it may not seem to be applicable, there are several skills that you would have developed which can be used within the workplace. Examples include problem solving, effective and attentive communication, identifying needs and much more.
To sum up, take time to research the job market, update your CV and identify where your interests lie to make your job search as effective as possible.

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