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CareerCamLive & what the viewers have to say about it

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

CareerCamLive-Aimees-BlogHi everyone,

As some of you may already be aware, I’m Aimee Bateman, host of CareerCamLive – a free interactive webinar for job seekers brought to you by Webrecruit and

Having been a recruiter for over a decade, I felt frustrated that there was only so much I could do to help job seekers. My solution was to set up Careercake – a site dedicated to helping job seekers find their voice and shine in their chosen career.

I’ve also been lucky enough to appear in various careers shows for the BBC and my careers advice was also recently featured in The Guardian. Now I hope to extend this knowledge to you through CareerCamLive.

Since launching the show in August last year, CareerCamLive has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource for job seekers and professionals seeking genuine careers advice.

Fast forward to today, and the results of CareerCamLive are starting to pay off, with many of you who sent in your questions now providing us with fantastic feedback about the advancements you’ve made in your professional life.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the comments we’ve received about CareerCamLive and testimonials from job seekers that myself and the team at Webrecruit have been able to help.

The first letter is from Amar, a media graduate who was struggling to get his foot in the door of the media industry.

Keen to demonstrate his out of the box thinking and creativity, he felt that his lack of work experience was holding him back in securing a full time, paid position and asked me how he could combat this. Two months later, I received this email from him.

‘I wanted to email you to let you know that by following all of your tips I managed to push through the concrete wall and finally get heard!

‘I followed your covering letter advice and really did get much more interest as I made sure it was more personal, plus I showed passion! It worked and I accepted a 6 month paid internship (with a review of progress and opportunity for a full time role) at a marketing company.

‘I just wanted to say thank you as at the moment I feel relived! I start in June so I have time to get ready, I am a bit nervous but know that this happens to everyone, its been a long time and it does have an sub conscious effect.

‘I’ll still be watching your Ustream channel as it does help’.



The second email I’d like to share with you is from Reda who was looking to relocate to the UK from Lithuania to pursue a career in accounting.

Having received endless rejections for her overseas applications, she approached me asking what would be the best method of applying for a job abroad and how could she show employers that she was serious about relocating.

Recently, Webrecruit received the following email from Reda updating me of her journey, and this is what she said:

‘Aimee asked me to let her know how I was going with relocating to London. So this is it, I did it. I arrived last Wednesday. On Thursday I had an interview which I got after I passed telephone interview on Monday.

‘I was a lucky one and I got an offer at the end of the day (Thursday)! First day in London and I got an offer of Assistant Accountant position at international railway company! I am so lucky and so happy about that! I started working on Monday. Now learning, improving and adoption processes are waiting for me which I am very excited about.

‘My best greetings to you and thanks for support which encouraged me not to lose hope and to continue going towards my goal’.



It’s fantastic to hear that the advice I have provided through CareerCamLive has helped so many of you, and I urge you to continue sending me your feedback and keep me updated of your career journeys.

The next CareerCamLive will be aired on Tuesday 4th June at 6.30pm. This month, I’ll be discussing how to answer the 3 most common interview questions.

To get involved, simply register your details here.

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