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How to catch a company’s attention using social media

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 14, 2012 | 4 Comments

Contact-via-social-mediaJob seekers often wonder what is the best way to contact a prospective employer. Should they email, call by phone, post their resume or connect through various social media platforms?

Whilst this will typically be determined by the organisation’s industry, one thing that is for certain is social media has increasingly become a big part of business, including their hiring process.

In fact, a recent survey by webrecruit found 51% of businesses (large and small) now use social media to recruit.

In today’s candidate-rich, job-short market, anything a job seeker can do to stand out from the crowd, including leveraging social media, will help them in their quest to land their perfect job.

But how do you catch the eye of a prospective employer through social media?

Here are ten quick tips to help you connect with companies via social media and put you on the path to job seeking success.

1. Ensure any social networks you intend to connect with employers through are appropriate and professional.
2. Identify companies you are interested in working for and make sure you’re present and active on the same networks they are.
3. Look at the company’s online presence and listen to what they’re saying to help determine how you should communicate with them.
4. See if anyone you know happens to work there or have connections with your employer of choice. LinkedIn in perfect for this type of networking.
5. Connect with the companies hiring managers, and those who hold the same title that you desire via LinkedIn.
6. If you’ve applied for a position with the company, send introduction requests through LinkedIn. Let them know you’ve applied and you’d like to follow up directly to reiterate your strong interest.
7. Comment on their Facebook company or careers page and show your interest and enthusiasm for the company.
8. If the company has a Twitter account, direct your messages to them and start engaging on a regular basis
9. Get a little creative with your online resume – you’ll have a much better chance of being remembered. But make sure your idea is original.
10. Write a blog to demonstrate your skills and post to Facebook and Twitter. Tag your prospective employer in the post to ensure they see it.

Above all, be enthusiastic and remain professional (you don’t want to come across as a stalker), and you’ll soon be on a career path to success.

How have you used social media as part of your job search? Do you have ay creative tips on how to approach a company? If so, please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “How to catch a company’s attention using social media

  1. Web Recruit on Reply

    Hi Tom. Thanks for your comments . I completely agree about the the number of companies now using social media to recruit, and it’s only set to increase. I suppose from a business point of view, so many people now use social platforms and the fact that they are free – makes it a perfect place to source talent.

    In terms of having a personal and professional account, I guess that’s dependent on how much time you have to dedicate to creating and maintaining a professional account. To build up a strong social media presence takes time and commitment as you’re building your own personal brand and you would have to realistically assess whether you have that to give.

    I think the platform that causes the most confusion is Facebook which obviously operates on a much more personal domain. But there are ways around it, such as changing your settings or perhaps screening any inappropriate photos. Those companies, however, that do use social media to recruit, should be aware that they are treading into individual’s personal spaces and accept that sometimes, platforms like Facebook, might not always portray the professional image sought. I hope that helps a bit!

  2. Tom on Reply

    I hadn’t realised so many companies now use social media as an integral part of their recruitment. I knew it took place, but didn’t realised that those who do are now in the majority!

    I agree it’s really important to keep any social media contact with prospective employers professional, would you go as far as to have separate personal and professional accounts?

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