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Finding work in publishing and the media

Written by Kimberley Startup | October 28, 2013 | 0 Comments
Online Job SearchIf you’re considering making publishing and the media your career path, you’ll be far from alone – great numbers of passionate applicants are attracted to this sector, due to its creativity and individuality. As a result, those aiming for employment in this sector, with or without the help of Webrecruit’s ( recruitment experts, can expect plenty of setbacks.
It can also be a very rewarding field to be in, although not necessarily in a monetary sense – particularly at first. Nonetheless, there are many possibilities in the media, from TV, radio and newspapers to book publishing, online publishing and magazines. You don’t necessarily need a relevant degree to enter the sector, but it will almost certainly boost your chances, with skills acquired during your degree – such as creative writing and acting – likely to be useful.
Those looking to capture the attention of media firms recruiting staff should first bear in mind the extremely competitive nature of this sector. This makes the demonstration of hands-on interest through work experience especially valuable. You may also require the right accredited degree in certain fields, although a postgraduate course could give you the accreditation that you need. Above all, you will need to persevere, persevere and persevere.
Staff recruitment takes place for publishing jobs encompassing books, magazines and online publishing. Boundaries between traditional and digital publishing have blurred in recent years, amid the prevalence of e-book editions and website versions of magazines. Or you might look for work in television and radio, perhaps in broadcasting or as a programme maker. Although the film industry is also high profile, breaking into it can be extremely difficult.
Interactive media companies also recruit staff to work on interactive television, computer games, web and Internet development and/or CD and DVD publishing, amid much overlap with other areas of the media like publishing and television. Also highly competitive are the performing arts and music industries, although the job satisfaction from both can be considerable. Bear in mind, however, the potentially very commercial or technical nature of the work.
Careful research and considerable advanced planning are so important for those seeking media roles. Those who have just graduated may take six to nine months to find their first media role, which is likely to be a low-paid one such as a runner, gopher or assistant. That CV will also be vital, needing to be tailored to actual media work and showing your excellent literary and communication skills, attention to detail and passion for your chosen sector.
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