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Gearing up for your New Year – new job search

Written by Kimberley Startup | November 28, 2013 | 1 Comment
New-Year-New-Job-Resolution-300x199With the New Year fast approaching, the resolution lists are popping to the forefront of many people’s minds. Unsurprisingly, a common resolution for many is to find a new job.
The beginning of a New Year is a popular time to contemplate a change and new challenge for the year ahead.
But with competition heavy at the beginning of the year, how can you ensure that you’re one of the first to tick that new job resolution off your list?
Here are Webrecruit’s tips for getting ready for your new job search ahead of the crowd:

Do some homework

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, a similar role in a new company or a step up the ladder, list out some considerations, such as companies you would like to work for or career progression paths you’d like to take.
Planning this out in advance will help give you direction when you hit the New Year job hunt.

Refresh your CV

Ensure that your CV is ready to roll; there is nothing more annoying than finding your dream job and then being pushed close to the application deadline because you’re trying to get your CV up to date.
Also, if you’re looking to change career, think about how to tailor your CV for your desired industry and role.

Wardrobe check

Save yourself any last minute wardrobe malfunctions by ensuring that you’re suited and booted and ready to go. Check out your interview outfit that’s lurking in your wardrobe and give it a quick once over;  imagine how stressful it would be to dig out your trusty suit the night before the big interview only to discover it has a huge stain you’d completely forgotten about.

Get networking

Many businesses quieten down over the Christmas/New Year period, so why not take advantage of this and practice your networking skills. Hit the internet and research some local networking functions and make the most of getting a chance to meet with people from different businesses during a more relaxed period.

Take a social approach

More and more hiring managers now turn to social media to promote roles and engage with potential candidates. If you haven’t considered this method of engagement with a future employer, maybe use the Christmas period as a chance to read up on how to use social media in your hunt for a job.
Check out our recent blog: What not to do with social media whilst you’re job hunting for guidance on some top dos and don’ts.

Practice your technique

There is no harm in being optimistic and even going as far as practicing your interview technique. Being prepared for interviews will make you confident attending them at short notice.
Check out our recent blog, Top tips for preparing for your video/Skype interview
The New Year is a great time to feel optimistic about your career, so prepare in advance and be ready to hit the New Year running. Want to be notified of roles that fit into your 2014 career plans? Register your CV with Webrecruit today by clicking here.

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