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Love your job hunt this valentine’s day

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
love-job-hunt-300x199With Valentine’s Day fast approaching love is in the air. But how in love with your search for a new job are you? We know that job hunting can easily become a disheartening process; often filled with frustration, which can easily result in a lack of love for the whole process.
Here at Webrecruit we wanted to do our best to play cupid for you and your job hunt. With this in mind we have devised 5 top tips to help you continue to feel the love for your job hunt.

1. Make a date of it

With figures suggesting that 1 in 5 people will be looking to change jobs in 2014, the chances are someone around you is also on the hunt for a new job.
Ask around and see if you can find a partner to keep you company during your job hunt, planning a joint job hunting session is a fun way to break up your job hunting routine.

2. Share the love

How you go about looking for a new job may be completely different to how others go about their search. So why not share your methods with a fellow job hunting friend? With a bit of luck they will follow suit and hopefully you might find their advice will help you in return.

3. Sass up that CV

Giving your CV a makeover is key when job hunting. For every job you apply for look over the requirements for the role and see how your CV matches up.
Little tweaks for each application can be the key to make sure you are a good match for the role.
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4. Don’t forget the TLC

It can be easy to fall victim to hitting apply after only skimming a job advert; but it’s a habit definitely worth avoiding. Take your time and show plenty of tender, loving care with all your applications.
Hiring managers often spot if you keep copying and pasting your covering letter and CV into multiple applications.

5. Have some ‘you’ time

When job hunting the temptation is often high to refresh online job board websites on an hourly basis, but over doing this will definitely result in you falling out of love with the whole process.
Don’t forget whatever stage you are at in your job hunt it is important to set aside some ‘you’ time. A whole evening without mention of new jobs and applications is essential to allow you to refresh and relax in order to keep your job hunting passion alive.
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Happy job hunting, and happy Valentine’s Day from us all here at Webrecruit.

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