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How to Market Yourself Online

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

Marketing Jobs

Whether you’re a software developer, accountant or business consultant, all job hunters face tough competition. To stand out from the crowd, you need to add a new string to your bow – PR. Here are five tips on marketing yourself and promoting your skills to prospective employers.

1. Create a website

Even if you don’t know your HTML from your Java, anyone can build a professional looking website for little or no cost. Market your skills with a fantastic portfolio of work, create a Facebook business page or blog about issues relevant to your chosen industry. Keep it professional, up-to-date and web optimise it by using lots of keywords.

2. Network

If you haven’t already, sign up to professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. You can create a free online profile that includes work history, achievements and qualifications employers can view. Joining a LinkedIn group will allow you to chat with people in your chosen field. You can also market yourself by getting recommendations from past employers and colleagues.

3. Get involved

Even if you have an amazing website or a fantastic profile, your future employer still has to find it. Contribute to discussions on industry forums, twitter or LinkedIn groups. Be helpful and responsive. Remember to follow good online etiquette – post thoughtful and relevant replies, be polite and keep an eye on your spelling and grammar.

4. Keep your good online reputation

Make sure a potential employer only finds out good things about you. Many employers are admitting to looking up applicants online. Conduct a Google search on yourself to ensure it results in positive information. Check your Facebook privacy settings. Also, always think before you post on any online forum. If it’s not something you would say to colleague at work, it’s probably best not to say it!

5. Your Online Identity

First impressions count. Although people can’t see you when you’re promoting yourself online, you should apply the same principals to your online persona. Choose a professional looking avatar and email address. If you register a domain name, try to secure your name. Don’t forget to link to your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio in your email or forum signature.

Of course, this is only the start of marketing yourself online. As the job market changes and the internet transforms the way we do business, new ways to promote yourself will arise. Do your research and stay ahead of the game.

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