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How to get a job in marketing using social media

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

Social media and marketing jobsThe shift in the recruitment landscape means social media is now a key way to promote and market yourself to potential employers.

Not only that, but marketing is also changing and the rise of social media has definitely changed the way job hunters go after marketing jobs.

Why is social media so good for finding a marketing job?

The transparency of social media networks enables marketers to attract even more attention to themselves by offering hiring managers the chance to get to know you, what you like doing, how you think, and ultimately, what you could offer a company.

But how do you effectively promote yourself through social media to land yourself a job in marketing?

To help you get a head start, here are six ways to use social media to help you find a job in marketing.

1. Adjust your profiles to match the marketing jobs you’re applying for

A quick search on Google will present you with an endless list of marketing jobs and the requirements that are needed to fill such a position.

Use these job adverts to adjust your social media profiles and promote the skills that matter to marketing hiring managers the most.

2. Start following, liking & retweeting

Social media is a key component for today’s marketer so it’s important you’re up to scratch and making the most of each & every platform your perfect employer is using.

Start following companies you’re interested in working for on LinkedIn, retweet their posts on Twitter and like their status updates on Facebook. Show your future employer that you’re interested in what they have to say and what they stand for by commenting on various discussion threads within their social communities.

3. Build your profile on the platforms that matter

Just because social media is hot on peoples’ agenda, that doesn’t mean you need to be signed up to every platform – just the ones that really matter. It’s better to have a genuine & personal profile on a few social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, and update those as necessary.

Make sure different parts of your personality shine through on each platform. For example, LinkedIn is more suited to your professional background, whereas Facebook may demonstrate more of your transferable skills and the type of culture you’d fit into when pursuing a marketing job.

4. Let people know you’re looking

The best thing about social media is the transparency of the networks. A simple status update on Facebook letting people know you’re looking for a new marketing job can potentially be seen by thousands.

People get jobs through other people. And you never know, one of your connections may also be connected to a company you’re applying for, increasing your chances of getting shortlisted for the position.

5. Build your personal brand

As a marketing job hunter, you’ll know all about the importance of building a strong & powerful brand. Promoting yourself to employers is no different, and social media has made it easier to do this than ever before.

6. Turn yourself into an online ad

In an article from Mashable, they provide a very clever trick for job hunters looking to shine using social media. They suggest grabbing peoples’ attention by advertising yourself to the specific people and companies you’re looking to work for.

Still unsure? Check out this great article about Alec Brownstein who advertised himself online by targeting specific executives at companies he wanted to work for.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way for using social media to benefit your marketing job search. In all honestly, it just takes a bit of common sense. For example, if you’re connecting with an employer on Facebook, don’t start making silly comments or ranting in your status updates.

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One thought on “How to get a job in marketing using social media

  1. Bill McCartney on Reply

    Good advice and I would suggest being a resource not a sales pitch. The more time you spend online the more visible you will be. Share your knowledge, support others and the magic of givers gain will kick in. Think visibility, credibility and use targeted search to find the top influencers and potential job openings in your industry. As always patience and perseverance will serve you well. Plus a little luck 🙂

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