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How to make your online profile pictures professional

Job seekers, social media, social media recruitment, profile pictures, candidates, job seeker advice, employment, employment advice, recruitment, online recruitment, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, social profile picturesEver wondered what you need to do to make the best first impression online?

Last month, HR Magazine revealed inappropriate online photos reduce the chances of finding employment by up to 70%.

The survey found that the majority of 18-25 years olds lessen their chances of gaining an interview as a result of displaying drunken photos on their social media profiles.

The 2012 annual technology market survey from Eurocom Worldwide further supported these findings stating ‘one in five tech executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person’.

Yet, with all this data about how careful jobseekers must be about their online social presence, it could be argued that the advice has gone from helpful to problematic. Surely, if we focus too much on building our professional character on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we could be missing out on another critical factor – our personality?

So how do you ensure your online profile isn’t damaging your career prospects?

Though it’s completely understandable that you’d like to have some freedom of expression when it comes to your social profiles, it’s important to consider the impression you’re making, especially if you’re looking for a job.

To help you, here are some pointers on how to make your profile pictures look professional and increase your chances of getting an interview.

1. Use a head shot. Don’t take the shot too far away as it’s difficult to view on smartphones

2. Unless it’s an action shot relevant to your profession, make sure you’re looking into the lens of the camera

3. Make sure you’re not wearing anything too revealing or risqué

4. Don’t frown or scowl – would you hire you with that look? This is equally true for those who use more suggestive pictures. A simple smile will work nicely

5. Keep your photo up-to-date and make sure it actually looks like you

By following these five simple steps to creating a professional online profile picture, you won’t run the risk of losing people’s attention and miss out on convincing potential employers about your exceptional skills.

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