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How Pinterest can help shape your career

Written by Kimberley Startup | August 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

pinterest for recruitmentIt’s easy for those lacking familiarity with Pinterest to imagine it as the sole preserve of 20-somethings sharing photos of food, fashions and memes.

Indeed, even recruitment agencies like Webrecruit ( would advise candidates to make LinkedIn and Twitter the principal focus of their online networking.

However, that is not to suggest that Pinterest lacks value in online recruitment. But first of all, it is important to understand the basic perks of this visual-heavy social platform.

Once users have signed up, they can begin “pinning” and sharing items of interest to them, from holiday photos and recipes to blog posts.

With the accumulation of content on your board, more followers are attracted who share it far and wide. It soon becomes clear for anyone getting accustomed to Pinterest that the platform is particularly well-suited to those in creative careers, such as designers, photographers and marketers who wish to showcase their talents and portfolio of work.

However, even those outside what are generally termed the “creative industries” are likely to find Pinterest a valuable resource for changing careers, researching potential employers or seeking work.

Simply by typing the relevant terms into the search box in the top navigation bar, candidates can use Pinterest to discover new entrepreneurial and career opportunities.

Pinterest can also be invaluable for those wanting to find out more about the companies for which they may wish to work in the future – with the highly visual nature of employer pinboards allowing candidates to get a real sense of the work environment, culture and sensibility of that firm. Users wishing to attract the attention of certain companies may opt to follow their boards, repin their content and make comments on their pins.

Not only employers themselves, but also experts in every aspect of the recruitment landscape, from retail to marketing recruitment, can be found with their own pinboards on Pinterest. Some pinboards may even be based entirely around specific themes, such as certain sectors or changing career if you are over 50.

Candidates are always wondering how they can distinguish themselves from the competition, and complementing the conventional black and white text CV with a visual CV on Pinterest could certainly be one way of doing this.

Through a visual CV, Pinterest members can use various pins to tell the story of their work history in an immediately compelling way, incorporating the likes of photos from past attended schools and the logos of previous employers.

Finally, freelancers looking for work may be tempted to create a projects board that showcases their portfolio for the appreciation of prospective clients, leading to hires. Even those initially joining Pinterest for mere inspiration can find themselves being offered work based on the content of their own that they share.

Pinterest, then, can be a vital tool for candidates – in particular, creative freelancers – seeking to make career headway, with its relevance stretching from office to customer service recruitment – irrespective of whether those candidates are also clients of Webrecruit (

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