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Top Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

Written by Sophie Down | January 28, 2015 | 1 Comment
Mobile job searchingMobile applications for job seekers are becoming a real convenience for the job search, making it simpler to find your next opportunity. It has never been easier to look online, with the use of tablets and mobile devices allowing you to reach the right jobs, fast. Webrecruit explores the apps that you need when looking for a job, to ensure you have quick access to the latest vacancies at all times.


This handy site connects with your Facebook and Twitter, finding referrals from hiring companies on Facebook and providing notifications of new roles directly to your Twitter feed.

Job Interview Question-Answer

This free interactive app helps you practice answers to difficult interview questions, using a practice interview format. You can view video clips of a good interview answer and listen to what the employers are looking for.


As one of the biggest aggregators for job boards, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using this as an app. With access to millions of jobs from a variety of boards and companies, you can upload your CV and apply directly through your mobile.


The LinkedIn mobile app sends you notifications of jobs that match what you are looking for, and allows you to apply for each one with a quick and easy application process. Much like the site, it also recommends jobs based on your profile and viewed vacancies.

CV Builder Pro

To save spending time on building a layout for your CV, this app does it for you. You can also maintain and email your CV from your Apple device. For Android users, you can try Super Resume Builder, which essentially provides the same type of service by generating a resume using your details.

Job Search Apps

To add to the above, it can also be handy to have the top UK job board apps on your phone. These include Monster, Reed, Jobsite and Fish4, to name a few. The more job boards you upload your CV to, the more access you get to a wide spread of job listings.
The above are only a small amount of what is readily available for job seekers, so start making the most of your job search today, and get downloading for a more efficient job hunt.
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  1. pranit patil on Reply

    Thanks for this good list of apps for job search. As job seekers are looking for this type of apps now as we know being on social media can really increase our chances of getting hire and to find jobs. Thanks for this post.

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