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Use Twitter to find your next job

There’s a lot of buzz around social media and recruitment at the moment.

Perhaps you’re already networking throughout LinkedIn and searching company pages on Facebook. But have you ever considered how you could find a job using Twitter?

With around 350 million tweets per day, Twitter is a vast resource not to be ignored. Follow our tips to find out how best to use Twitter to find a job.

Keep it clean

All candidates should know that, in the world of social media, there’s no place to hide. This also applies to Twitter. If you’re going to indulge in the occasional tweet, keep in mind the image you’re putting out there and tweak your privacy settings accordingly.

Know your #hash

Hashtags are your friend. They can be used to filter out the endless discussions on the latest celebrity faux pas or political scandal. Try searches such as #jobs, #vacancy or #recruiting to instantly find a stream of relevant tweets. You can get even more specific by using trying tags such as #salesjob or #marketingjob.

Be a follower

Another key way to keep abreast of what’s available on Twitter is following recruiters.  If you’ve got your sights set on a particular company, then follow their company stream.

Similarly, webrecruit’s own Twitter stream is a sure fire way to keep up with what’s available as soon as it’s posted.  Companies such as TweetMYJOBS and TwitJobSearch also provide targeted streams of jobs and opportunities.

Act fast

You really are one step ahead of the rest using Twitter to find a job. From press releases to breaking news, Twitter always has it first. And this is no different when it comes to jobs.

Use this to your advantage and strike while the iron’s hot. Make an impression and show your enthusiasm – who knows, you might land an interview before the vacancy even hits a job board.

It’s clear to see that Twitter should be part of any budding candidate’s battle plan for tackling the job market. Let us know if you have any more tips or if you’ve used Twitter to find a job by commenting below.

4 thoughts on “Use Twitter to find your next job

  1. Jasper Kashap on Reply

    Thanks for the hashtagging insight. It’s quite common that people don’t understand how the privacy settings work on Twitter – but that could apply to all social networking sites in fairness!

  2. Sophie on Reply

    Great blog Jasper. I won my job after tweeting the MD of the company I currently work for.

    Regarding any tips for twitter and keeping it clean, I think it is so important to be genuine and more importantly to be honest. Don’t lie about things, which can often be the trouble with social media. Individuals may portray an image of how they want people to perceive them, which is actually far from the truth in terms of their profession and skills.

    One really important fact when it comes to hashtags is that your tags cannot be seen by other twitter users if your account is set on private, only those granted followers will see your hashtag. Therefore, I rarely hashtag from my personal account as it is set on private. I do however hashtag from my work account, getting a swift responce from #xerox techical help via twitter the other day 🙂

    I am looking for work in London, however, I feel one downside to hashtagging for jobs is work collegues & aquaintences then know my business, where I want to go and what I want to do. An unfortunate dynamic of social media, also known as ‘a publicly private life.’

    See link

    I really admire Web recruits online presence, what a great team!

    Best regards from a humid but grey Newcastle.



  3. Steve on Reply

    Very well said. I’ve known a few people who have won a job over Twitter. The best thing is to have a column set up in HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc. with “job” keywords as well as one’s industry and location. “OR” parameters work (like they do in Google), so you could try:

    java job OR jobs OR recruitment OR recruiting OR hiring cardiff OR swansea OR wales

    It looks a bit messy, but that way the person will be notified of all tweets containing all or some of these words (depending on how the “OR” parameter has been set up) and will be notified if anything new comes in. In this instance, it’s got to have the word “java” (e.g. if someone’s looking for a Java Developer role), one of the job/recruitment words and one of the locations.

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