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5 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Get a Pay Rise

Written by Sophie Down | September 4, 2014 | 0 Comments
Angry-Boss---BlogSo you think you deserve a pay rise, and it’s time to make a visit to your boss and see if this is realistic. However, there are a few things to mull over before doing this, so take a look at Webrecruit’s top five don’ts before asking for that increase in salary.

1. Don’t ask if you’re not performing well

One of the first and most important considerations of course is your job performance. It’s not always about staying past the end of the day or working through your lunchtime. Look at your current duties to assess what you are doing to not just achieve your objectives that are expected, but the extras that you accomplish during your daily routine.

2. Don’t ask for a ridiculous increase

Be reasonable; don’t ask for an increase that is way over what your pay grade is at the moment. This will only hinder your boss’s view of you and question how seriously you take the job. Carry out research on similar salaries, weigh up your earnings and look at your current commission to provide a feasible amount.

3. Don’t ask if it doesn’t benefit your boss

A pay rise is warranted by the value that you add to the company. Will you carry on at the same level if your salary is increased, or is there something you can offer which will make that increase in pay much more worthwhile. Consider the outcomes of the organisation, which is what will essentially be at the forefront of you justifying a raise.

4. Don’t ask if it’s a bad year

If the targets aren’t being hit for that month or worse, that year, then don’t make a visit to the CEO’s office asking for a raise. Be aware of how your team and the company as a whole are doing, if it isn’t up to scratch, this also impacts on the moods as well as stopping unnecessary spending in the meantime.

5. Don’t ask in front of others

This type of conversation should always be private or in an organised meeting, this is not something to drop into casual office chat when your boss is around. Make the time to speak to your manager on a one to one basis, giving you the chance to provide your full thoughts on why you deserve that pay rise, also allowing them to give their own opinions.
To sum up, always be attentive to what’s happening in your organisation before looking to start up a conversation about pay with your boss. Additionally be aware of how you are performing as an employee to certify perfect timing for such a discussion.

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