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11 Creative Ideas for Your CV

Nowadays, the average word documented CV just isn’t enough. Employers are receiving a variety of innovative and creative CVs from candidates, who are sending them in a bid to make themselves stand out from the crowd. It’s always good to get inspiration from others to make your CV look the best that it can, so ...more

7 Rules for Your Graduate CV

Putting together your CV can be an arduous task, especially if you are fresh out of University, but it is one that is worth investing time in. Many still fail to follow some of the most important rules of the resume, so Webrecruit have provided these fundamental tips to ensure you get yours noticed in ...more

What Happens in Kavos stays on Your CV

It can be a struggle to put your CV together after your summer of fun, but it is time well spent focusing on how your last few months have helped you gain valuable experience towards your career. So you’ve just finished your season in Kavos, the holiday blues have kicked in and the next step ...more

What does a recruiter really expect to see on your CV?

When you are applying for a job, whether it is the most humble shop or bar work or a position at the top of your chosen field, you will doubtless be aware of the considerable competition, and therefore the importance of communicating the suitability of your skills and experience to the specific role. Your Curriculum ...more

CareerCamLive – February Round-up

Wow! We received our highest viewing numbers for last month’s CareerCamLive and I was able to answer nearly twenty of your careers questions. Thank you to everyone who got involved and gave me the opportunity to help with their job hunt. For those who missed it, you can watch the recording here. I have also ...more

CareerCamLive – Free, interactive webinar

It’s amazing how some people will go their entire lives, never actually getting the job they want. Having met so many talented individuals struggling in their careers, I’ve always been frustrated that there was only so much I can do. That’s why, together with webrecruit, we’ve brought you CareerCamLive – a live, interactive show to ...more

Ask James Caan – Issue 125

Dear member, Achieving your dream career can be hard, but it’s even harder if you’re entering the job market as a mature graduate. Yet there is one thing that I have always maintained when it comes to the age debate, and that is the older job seeker always has the one thing that the younger ...more

What’s the Best Way to Engage with Recruiters? CareerCam – Live Tomorrow Night

Aimee Bateman of Careercake.TV is back tomorrow night with CareerCamLive to answer your questions on how to successfully manage your relationship with recruiters. Kicking off at 6.30pm Tuesday 4th September, Aimee will provide expert advice on the good, the better and the best ways to engage with recruiters and maintain long-term connections. A much discussed ...more

Ask James Caan – Issue 92

Dear Member, I’m often asked what job seekers need to do to effectively market their skills in such a tough climate. And this question isn’t from job hunters from one or two particular industries. I’ve had finance professionals, IT managers, sales people, marketers and customer service staff all approach me, asking me what they need ...more

CV clinic: Your questions answered

In the latest from the CV clinic, Lee Tonge provides his expertise for one reader wanting to maximise their job title. He highlights the importance of selling yourself to an employer.   Hi, I think my main concern with my CV is that I have worked just under 4 years in my last role and ...more