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3 ways to beat the big boys to the top talent

It isn’t impossible to give huge, established industry players a bloody nose – just look at the success of ‘disruptors’ like Airbnb and Uber. It’s a similar story with staff recruitment – the best people are within reach if you do the right things, even if you are a mere ambitious startup. Believe it or ...more

5 tips for writing a brilliant job advert

Putting together effective recruitment advertising always seems straightforward enough – until you actually need to put ‘pen to paper’ and are suddenly overcome by crippling ‘writer’s block’. Sadly, knowing what and what not to include in a job advert is far from a cinch. But when you adopt the right methodical process – incorporating steps ...more

How to make your company seem employee-friendly

What was your first ever job? Did it involve working in a dirty office, perhaps as part of a two-man band, without a lot of the technological or other luxuries than many workers now take for granted? So many people, if quizzed, would say many positive things about their first job that they wouldn’t be ...more

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest More Time in Your Application Form

Your recruitment advertising efforts are paying off – your vacancies are getting a large response and you’re overloaded with applications. However, when CVs are clogging up your inbox and you’re spending your busy days logging all information on spreadsheets, you might find that you start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of admin involved. So, ...more

Why you can’t afford to dither over recruitment decisions

Recruitment agencies like ours have been saying it repeatedly lately, but the message hasn’t necessarily been getting through to everyone: it really is an employee’s market right now. Hiring by no means slows down during the summer, so you shouldn’t hesitate to extend a job offer when you have a great candidate on your hands. ...more

6 ways to measure the quality of your hires

So you’ve hired someone, and want to gauge their effectiveness in the job so that you can apply the lessons to your future staff recruitment in Manchester. There are various subjective (intangible, ‘gut feeling’) and objective (tangible and measurable) ways in which you can assess the quality of your hire – but what are they? ...more

5 things that candidates look for in a company

If there’s anything that’s making the task of the average recruitment agent in Manchester so much harder right now, it’s that the current buoyant labour market is favouring jobseekers over many employers. The greater number of companies hiring is giving candidates the luxury of ‘shopping around’ for their next big opportunity. For your firm to ...more

5 hiring myths holding your SME back

A great company is made up of great people – it doesn’t matter how often this mantra gets repeated to certain HR managers, they just don’t seem to get the message. The bottom line is that recruitment matters, but you won’t help yourself by falling for certain persistent, but damaging myths… like the below. 1. ...more

What should you look for in an inexperienced Millennial?

For a firm like yours, staff recruitment in Leeds may seem tricky. But just bear a thought for those who apply for roles with your company – particularly the younger generation. In your own early 20s, you might have walked into a pretty decent job straight out of university and built up from there. However, ...more

4 ways to shake up your hiring process

Has your recruitment process management changed since the day of the Dodo? It’s amazing how archaic some firms’ hiring practices can be. Mind you, that’s also understandable to some extent. As human beings, we can get a little too used to what we’ve always done, even if it’s long stopped working. But the modern workplace ...more