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How do you get candidates interested in a mundane job?

Sometimes, you may fear that there are certain openings at your company with which even the most sophisticated recruitment advertising agency can’t help you. They’re just too lame, uninteresting low-paying jobs, to which all of the usual talk about employer branding and candidate personas may seem barely applicable. The good news is that there are ...more

3 ways to make culture central to your hiring process

There have been quite a few interesting changes to worker attitudes in recent decades from the older to the younger generations. However, one of the most intriguing is undoubtedly the shift from an emphasis on pay and benefits, to one on the ‘culture’ in which one works. Millennials – the generation born roughly between the ...more

3 simple steps to a more effective hiring process

Getting the right people through your company’s door can be very hard – after all, if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many firms using a recruitment advertising agency like Webrecruit. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very simple measures that can be adopted to remove a lot of the stress and slog from ...more

6 Things that will Make a Candidate say “Yes”

You’re trying to get a candidate to sign on the dotted line, but they’re hesitating. You sense that they’ve got offers from other companies, so you up the salary offer. That’s the way to do it… isn’t it? Wrong. There are so many more things that you can include in your offer to make a ...more