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So you have two amazing candidates… how can you choose between them?

Even when your firm works with the very best recruitment agency and uses the most suitable hiring software, it’s not impossible to end up with two highly capable candidates who seem evenly matched. In a situation like this, you will need to act fast to snap up at least one of these fantastic candidates. So, ...more

3 characteristics that make someone a true ‘team player’

When you think of any of the obvious corporate success stories from down the years – from Microsoft to Apple – one of the things that should become clear to you straight away is the importance of the right team. However, there’s a big difference between a great team, and simply a bunch of smart ...more

5 things you definitely need in your next customer service employee

Customer service hiring is something that so many employers get wrong. They often treat customer service as if it’s an entry-level position, rather than representing the ‘face’ of their company. So, how can your firm and its recruitment agency get better results from its customer service recruiting? Looking out for these five key candidate characteristics ...more

Is Snapchat really worth bothering with for recruitment?

For recruiters wishing to attract and retain top talent, it is so often a more creative approach to hiring that brings the greatest rewards. One way recruiters can find new talent is to be present in the same locations and environments as their target candidates, so if you wish to take on more Millennials, some ...more

Don’t make these 3 mistakes with your entry-level workers

The benefits of taking on talent straight out of university are many. Such workers are cheaper, help to diversify your company’s employee age range and provide your firm with the fresh blood, ideas and energy that it needs to replace retiring older staff and stay competitive in its market. That’s the theory, anyway. The statistics ...more

How to spot these 3 potential problem candidates

Most employers that have worked extensively with a recruitment agency in Exeter will probably be familiar with the phenomenon of the ‘good hire gone bad’: the person who looked like a brilliant recruit on their CV and in the interview room, but who quickly turned out to be anything but on the actual job. It’s ...more

Why your rejected candidates matter, too

It’s something that many recruitment agencies hate doing, but which they nonetheless must do on a regular basis: turn down a candidate. Your company might have done a lot of it in the past as well, and chances are that it won’t get any easier over time. Telling a candidate that you have decided to ...more

How satisfied are your employees, really?

Everyone wants to be happy in life, and if they aren’t, they will eventually try to find ways to change that. It’s a principle that so many leaders and managers don’t properly appreciate until a valuable dissatisfied employee is walking out of the door. It’s well-known that satisfied workers tend to be more motivated, more ...more

How to Audit your Application Form Process (Candidate Experience)

So your recruitment advert is live and you’re patiently waiting for your applications to arrive, but what do you do if the response rate isn’t as high as you were hoping? Did your recruitment agency not position your role correctly? Is your job advert not enticing enough? Are you using the wrong job boards? It ...more

In-House Recruitment Vs Recruitment Agencies: Friend or Foe?

Should we bring recruitment in-house? At some stage this thought is likely to have crossed the minds of many busy HR professionals, when looking at how they can improve their existing recruitment methods. Building an in-house recruitment strategy is definitely worth considering as a way of addressing high recruitment cost, but is doing it alone ...more