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Is your employer brand good enough to attract the best candidates?

As is common with many other recruitment companies, we are periodically contacted by HR managers who are seemingly doing everything right with their talent search, yet remain empty handed. They’ve written a great job advert and placed it in the right places – but to no avail. So, what’s going wrong? It could be that ...more

4 brilliant benefits to offer to your workers

In today’s tough economy, everyone should be glad just to have a job, right? Therefore, obsessing over the benefits that you offer to your employees is surely a waste of time – it’s all about the pay packet to them. Well no, that’s not the case, actually – or at least, not for the high ...more

Should you be recruiting staff this January?

As you scoff the mince pie and wrap and open the presents on your Christmas break, you may ask yourself whether January is the best time to kick start your next managed recruitment drive. In truth, there probably isn’t a definitively ‘right’ time to recruit, but there are certainly many possible ‘wrong’ times – such ...more

Is it a good idea to spy on candidates’ social media profiles?

Any suggestion of checking out a candidate’s social media profile in considering their suitability for a vacancy will doubtless always cause some degree of controversy. On one hand, it’s easier than ever these days to find out about a candidate, just by bashing their name into Google. But is it really ethical to pour over ...more

Why Your Interview Questions Really Are All-Important

It’s easy to lapse into asking the same old routine questions during an interview. After all, you’ve possibly done this a million times before as a hiring manager, and you may have even had decent results so far. Although relatively recent industry developments like talent management software may make hiring simpler, even they will never ...more

5 tips for hiring better customer service people

It’s an easy job, this customer service recruitment lark. All that you need to do is find friendly people who are good with other people, and you’re set. What could go wrong? Actually, quite a few things could go wrong, if you don’t take a more in-depth approach to picking out the right candidates. These ...more

10 tips to enhance your engineering recruitment strategy

When it comes to mapping out a strategy for your engineering recruitment, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice available. Attracting, developing and retaining talented engineers is a huge task, and one that often comes up in the industry as a concern for many companies. To attract great talent for your engineering ...more