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How to become a retail manager

One job that certainly attracts the interest of many candidates with an interest in a competitive and fast-moving career is the position of retail manager. This role is central to retail recruitment, involving the day-to-day running of a store alongside such duties as motivating staff towards the achievement of their targets and the organisation of ...more

Making the grade as a visual merchandiser

Retail recruitment isn’t just about finding public sales assistants and store managers – it’s also about finding those who have that special touch when it comes to design and making things look good. Consider the role of the visual merchandiser. They’re better known in some circles as window dressers or even display assistants, and work ...more

Why make Bath your next recruitment destination?

Mention the Somerset city of Bath to most people, and they will immediately picture the naturally occurring hot springs of its historic Roman Baths. However, that should not disguise the strong appeal of the city to those recruiting staff, as much as for those being recruited. As a picturesque, cultural and highly desirable place to ...more

5 ways to bring out the best in your seasonal retail staff

You’ve got your seasonal retail recruitment strategy down to a tee. Your shop is full of customers and freshly re-stocked with bestselling products. And best of all, you’ve got Christmas music playing at full blast. So why do your retail staff look so fed-up? We’ve recently discussed how to keep your office staff on track ...more

What are Oxford’s strengths as a recruitment location?

Known across the world as the ‘city of dreaming spires’, the reasons for people wanting to live and work in Oxford are obvious, even before you consider its merits as a place to recruit staff. Webrecruit ( has helped to bring together many Oxford companies and candidates down the years, and there’s no denying the ...more

How to turn your Christmas temp job into a permanent opportunity

‘Christmas Temps Wanted.’ As shops start focusing on their seasonal retail recruitment strategy, it’s likely that you’ll see a similar sign in nearly every shop window on the high street. Seasonal retail vacancies can be a real blessing for those looking for work. However, with so many shops recruiting retail staff in bulk, it’s inevitable ...more

Reasons to recruit – or be recruited – in Birmingham

A home to industrial and scientific pioneers down the years and Britain’s commonly cited ‘second city’, Birmingham – which is home to more than a million residents – may not attract anything like as much attention as London as a place to recruit staff through an agency like Webrecruit ( Nonetheless, it offers no shortage ...more

How to prepare for your fashion retail interview

You’ve made a good impression via your application and now it’s time for the interview, but the question is… are you prepared? Whether your role is that of a part time sales assistant, visual merchandiser or concession manager, there are some key elements to keep in mind when you’re doing your preparation to ensure you ...more

How a well-structured job interview can aid your retail recruitment

Job interviews can involve a huge amount of preparation, not just for candidates but for employers too. So, with such a vast quantity of applicants to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re equipped to recruit the best retail staff? Many companies choose to incorporate a task or an activity within an interview ...more

Zero hour contracts in retail recruitment: right or wrong?

More than a million workers in the CIPD are currently contracted to zero working hours per week, according to a recent survey by the CIPD. With accusations of zero hour employees being treated differently and being paid less than full time workers, it’s no wonder that these contracts have recently come under fire and are ...more