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lowcosttravelgroup & Webrecruit partnership results in £78,000 savings for the travel group

Written by Lucy Heskins | October 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

‘On a like for like basis, had we used traditional agencies we’d be nearly £80,000 down. Instead, Webrecruit’s ability to attract the right candidates meant we reduced our recruitment spend by 68%. This was money we could re-invest back into our teams to make us even stronger as an employer of choice’.
– Roger Parks, lowcosttravelgroup

Many businesses are looking at how a direct sourcing strategy can attract top talent by using the power of their brand and internal resources. However, making the transition from being 90% reliant on agencies to becoming a fully fledged in-house resourcing team is seen as a challenge by some.

lowcosttravelgroup, a rapidly growing award-winning business, was one such business.

Led by HR Director, Roger Parks, the team recognised it had the tools, talent and brand to develop a sustainable direct sourcing strategy, but required a partner who could help them to leverage technology, people and advertising to make the plan a reality.

Webrecruit’s managed recruitment was selected to help them to identify and develop a world-class direct sourcing programme that would not only attract quality candidates using their brand, but deliver them with huge savings.

Challenges facing LCTG

The business’ current recruitment initiatives were effective; however, Roger recognised that there was scope to refine the business’ operations and identify new ways to meet the changing requirements of staffing. By doing so, it would ensure LCTG would attract only the best talent and remain an employer of choice for candidates from all industry sectors.


The strategy devised and delivered by the partnership between Roger and Webrecruit sought to equip LCTG with the tools to bring its recruitment function in-house.

Webrecruit would offer LCTG the building blocks to construct a successful direct hiring model, which would commence with seamlessly integrating parts of its service within the company’s structure to assist in the transition from 100% reliance on external agencies to a fully fledged in-house operation.

It was agreed that Webrecruit would assist LCTG with the following areas:

– Applicant management, talent pool capability and reporting technology
– Cost-effective UK and international job board and branded social media advertising
– Instant access to a flexible recruitment model that will reduce agency reliance and spend
– Appointment of a dedicated virtual resourcer, to improve the candidate experience

The Results

Achievements of the partnership between Webrecruit and lowcosttravelgroup LCTG:

– Stopped nearly 60% of their vacancies going to traditional agencies
– Made £78,375 in recruitment savings
– Implemented an applicant tracking system that made their staff more productive
– Identified recruitment advertising sources which could deliver the best return
– Introduced new ways of working with hiring managers that improved communication.

‘What made this initiative so successful was Roger and the team’s confidence to reflect on their current processes, challenge the ‘normal way of doing things’ and identify new ways to attract top talent. ‘Transitioning from an organisation that is hugely reliant on external agencies to one that is self-sufficient and able to hire great talent is a testament to LCTG’s staff, and also a sign of the market changing’.
Jay Cholewinski, Webrecruit

For more information on how Webrecruit can assist your organisation to bring recruitment in-house, visit our managed recruitment page.

For more information on the results achieved, download the full case study here.

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