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Over half of small businesses struggle to know which sources to use when recruiting

Written by Holly Watson | February 22, 2016 | 2 Comments
recruitment advertising52% of small businesses listed selecting their suppliers as their biggest recruitment advertising challenge, Webrecruit found in its 2016 survey.
Keen to learn further about the challenges that smaller businesses face, Webrecruit asked respondents of their survey what their biggest struggles were when it came to recruitment. The majority of respondents stated that selecting their recruitment advertising sources, such as job boards, was their biggest obstacle to overcome.
“It’s not surprising – with many companies having small HR departments, there’s not enough time in the day to call up individual advertising suppliers and find out all the data and statistics, as well as analysing them, it can be tricky,” says Adele Small, Senior Client Relationship Manager.
The pressure HR functions face when researching and selecting the most appropriate suppliers can be problematic, with more small businesses having to turn to expensive agencies for help and guidance.
Webrecruit uncovered four other common challenges facing businesses when conducting their recruitment:
– Creating effective job adverts (44%)
– Managing CVs and incoming applications (44%)
– Reporting on the success of campaigns (40%)
– Managing recruitment advertising contracts (20%)
Unsurprisingly, the challenges that larger businesses (250+ employees) faced varied slightly, with creating attractive job adverts being the biggest challenge (59%). However, selecting suppliers was also found to be an obstacle, with 47% stating that it was a troublesome area of recruitment.
Webrecruit acts as a trusted advertising partner to thousands of businesses throughout the UK, helping them to identify which suppliers are right for them. Find out more.
If you find selecting your recruitment advertising suppliers to be a challenge, why not download our free supplier assessment checklist?

2 thoughts on “Over half of small businesses struggle to know which sources to use when recruiting

  1. Andy @ ISL on Reply

    Thanks for making the Supplier Assessment checklist available.
    Even though I work in the recruitment business I’m sure it’s going to be of use helping direct some of our clients through the maze of options.

    One thing you didn’t mention in this article – which I’ve noticed in my own experience – is a gradual shift among SMEs to outsource more and more of their IT projects. Rather than retaining their own team, it looks like some companies are opting for a farmed-out solution, which may or may not be a good thing.

    I can certainly see the approach solving a number of problems for smaller employers…

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